There is something phenomenally dreary about chasing after a group of cultists to kill them and instead find ourselves grasping at sand…

But such woes were quickly dashed to waste as the group and I had succeeded in our mission. We had found the goods that we were sent for and could return back and receive our fee. Sums of money mean little to me, however, the sense of accomplishment is more than satisfactory. Not that for a second I wouldn’t consider taking his money. I don’t want you thinking that for a second.

I find myself trying to find a good metaphor for trust. Trust is a word I’m having difficulty with. First I thought to myself “Trust is like a mirror, once cracked it’s never the same.” Of course, the metaphor itself is imperfect. Is it like clay? Malleable, it can crack, break, but it can be forged, leaving yet another imperfect metaphor… cause even after you forge a trust it can still be broken…

But then I thought it more like something I have a greater understanding of. Trust is like ice. It should be hard and unrelenting. It can be cracked and broken, but it can be refrozen. Trust also renders you immobile. Once you have trust in someone, they keep you in place, tethered to that someone until you can break the bond.

Certain bonds aren’t meant to be broken, those of oaths. I could not foresee my ties to this motley assembly. I have to say I was secretly delighted when my words had caused a scene. As chaos and dissent flew upon their words, issued with venom, I must admit I had to stifle a smile. Hm… I think I shall have to make it a point to inform Suldren that it’s considered impolite to say that I’m socially awkward when I stand there no less than 5 feet away. He’s adorable, but I begin to see maturity take place in him.

I’m sad to see my presumptions about Kun-we see to be still just presumptions. His strange resurrection still baffles me and his unfavorable take on an oathcircle seemed unusually querulous. While I understand Vuden’s disposition, Kun-we’s seems unattainable. Is he actually hiding something?

I think I shall see Young Wolfslayer now. I will give him the opportunity to use his favors before the opportunity is lost. I think soon the oathcircle will take place, with Kun-we looking in from afar.


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