“We left the ruins of Melora’s temple splattered with the ruins of her servants. And we took their ship. It was a good day!

“The ship, we will sell. Let someone else bear Melora’s curse for sailing it.

“We will return to port to finish our job, although the captain has wisely decided to keep the compass for himself. It is bonded with the ship now, through some magic ritual. The crew as well, but not me. Nor Vuden. The ritual asked too much. I will not serve this ship or this crew forever, gods willing, and even if I choose to do so, I will not bind myself to them with magic after such a short time. Captain Lee seems a fine captain, fair and honest with his crew, but his ways are sometimes strange. Still, though I have not been touched by its magic, the compass is a valuable treasure – too rich to part with, and it is good that the captain chose to keep it. The way Suldren behaves sometimes, I worry that he thinks he joined a city watch and not a buccaneer crew, so it is good to see that not all the pirates at sea have gone soft.

“Suldren and Nod want the six of us, who are now being called the ‘Six Daggers of the Cortadormar,’ to undergo some ritual of the eladrin’s. That I did not wish to participate did not seem to bother the dragonborn, which is as it should be, but that Vuden did not wish to join in this eladrin’s game drove him mad. Suldren is fearsome in battle, but when he heard disagreement from his fellow dragonborn, he began to nag and accuse like a halfling fishwife. He is my ally, and has stood by my side in many battles, or I would have taken his head after a few minutes. His rush to trust anyone whose goals seem to align with his will destroy him one day, as it destroyed my patience today.

“Suldren’s accusations and demands, though leveled at Vuden, anger me. His insistance that we must enter into Nod’s magical pact to ensure we do not lie to each other secretly is childish. We swore no oaths when we began our journey together, but did we leave each other to die? We swore no oaths to Linny, but did we abandon our ally when the time came to choose? Truth and lies are only words. Loyalty is the measure of an ally, not truth, and it is bound up in blood and deeds, not magic. Vuden and Talmud died with me, in battle. Let them tell what truths or lies they like – I do not need some fey spell to ease my mind when I fight beside them.

“My blades and Suldren’s have tasted the same foe many times. Though he does not seem to know his place aboard ship and though he does not seem to understand that the life he has chosen is one of killing and plunder, it is only his wisdom I doubt, not his courage or loyalty. But I do not trust this eladrin. His magic is useful in battle, but he smells craven and faithless. He accompanied the others to the realm of Orcus, they tell me, to bring back the fallen, so I will leave him be for now. But he sows discord among the crew. I do not take him for a mutineer, but I will watch him all the same. This eladrin has abandoned us to seek his own ends before, in the goblin caves. If others have forgotten, I have not.

“Suldren is placated for now by the promise that I will hear him out when Cassius learns more about this ritual. Let him learn all he likes. If it comforts Suldren to tell me about it before I refuse again, then I will tolerate it once more to put it abaft us. I hope that will be the last of it.”


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