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We found a chamber in the caves that was covered in seaweed and large pods. Not surprisingly, the pods burst open soon after we entered. What was surprising was that the pods burst open to reveal… us! There was a doppleganger for each of us, except Kun-We. They were covered in barnacles and seaweed. They seemed to have the same abilities as us and then some. It was no easy fight, as my oceanic twin unleashed phantasmal dogs (a favor which I returned in kind), Nod’s doppleganger dropped clouds of ice and sleet on us, and the other Suldren had the same power to bolster his comrades with his words.

We did win the day, and we decided it would be wise to rest up, which was smart considering what we found next. Down a steep tunnel we were surrounded by pools of water and slick coral. The monsters we fought were much better adapted to the conditions and were able to maneuver more easily than we were. As we took out most of the creatures, Nod was thrown into the water by one of them, who then proceeded to follow him in. I rushed to the edge to help him out. Luckily he had already taken the creature itself out and just needed some help getting out of the water. Among the things we found was a pearl that opened a secret door we had found in the previous room.

What we found in the next room was an old tome containing a few rituals, and the compass, which was the last item from the list of artifacts. The compass seemed nondescript, although studying it I could swear it was hiding something. Among the rituals I found in the tome there was one that could unlock the hidden power in an enchanted item. It seemed to me it was no coincidence that was with the compass. Using the ritual on the compass I discovered it could be placed on a ship and a ritual could be performed (that ritual being hidden within the tome’s pages) that would bind the compass to the ship, and any of the crew who wished could make a sacrifice to benefit from its magic. After informing Captain Lee he of course wanted me to perform the ritual, which I did.

The lot of us, now referred to as The Six Daggers of the Cortadormar, as suggested by Suldren, fought a rather nasty battle after that. It was against each other, and I am not referring to clones or dopplegangers. It seems that Nod, so very much an Eladrin, still does not consider himself one of our group. Being a Fae, he suggested performing a ritual that would bind the six of us in an oathcircle. Suldren immediately accepted the idea, while Kun-We and Vuden vehemently opposed it. I myself was rather indifferent at first, but as the argument waged on I decided I was on the side of Vuden and Kun-We… surprisingly. Suldren lacks an understanding of the ways of the Fae. An oathcircle is taken very seriously amongst the Fae, and it is not something one should be forced into. That is looked down upon in the world of the Fae. That’s not to say they don’t sometimes sweeten their words, or use some other manner of subtlety to help persuade someone they should join the oath, but outright force is not acceptable. Also, why should a group of six, which only contains one Eladrin, have to abide by their ways? It does not make logical sense. Nod is in the minority, and if he does not want to be in our group because we are not Eladrin that is his choice. We should not sacrifice who we are just to appease his alien sensibilities. The reason that Fae use oaths so much is because they are so damn fickle. They’re prone to follow every whim to where ever it leads them. They need oaths to keep them to their promises or remind them of priorities. We mortals are not so fickle, or prone to distraction.

The point is, I’ve decided that after writing this I am going to call us together and hold a little meeting to discuss Nod’s oath ritual. One way or another I plan on supporting Kun-We and Vuden and joining them in the “no oath for us” camp. Something tells me Talmud will agree with us as well, but he might not be awake yet. Damn dwarf is always sleeping in late or falling behind the group.


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