Sea of Madness

The dead can rest and so can we

Things are going well for me and my crew. We found a fence for our stolen goods and we have earned some goodwill among the locals. We stopped a cult from opening a gate to the underdark and have returned the keystone they stole to its rightful place. The dead rising won’t be a problem for these people anymore.

As the gate was closing, I felt a pull to go through it. Evil creatures were there to be vanquished and treasures were to be had, I knew it. Most of all I knew my men would follow me without complaint. What I didn’t know is how we would return or how long it would take to find a way back. I’ve had my fill of being stranded in other dimensions for now. So we stayed behind as the gate closed and accepted the praise of the locals.

A report documenting what happened will have to be filed, and when it is we will have to find another place to stay. We were told we’d have a month of save haven before that was to happen, and I couldn’t be gladder for it. I’m still not accustomed to not having one of my hands. Maybe in this time off Sam, Cassius, or Nod can figure something out about how to replace it. If not, I’ll still enjoy the respite, the gods know we’ve earned it.



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