Sea of Madness

Book of Nod, Page Thirty-Eight

Twas the Nod Before Christmas

Twas the night before yuletide, in the Inn, all around
not a creature was stirring, not even our Drown.
Holly was hung from the lintels so high
We were all quite amazed, we all wondered why.

The next day we arose, something was amiss!
something destroyed yuletide, what madness was this?
We asked the Eladrin if their spirits could lift
they said that they would, if we followed the drift.

Snow gathered round, oh what wonders said I!
Vistin just glowered, Drown scratched his good eye.
This snowdrift led us to a veteran tree
Ishahotep ran round, and what did he see?

A wintered Fey land, covered in deep white snow
with cloven footprints left not all that long ago.
We urged ourselves on, I think I had more fun
I took my boots off and then went for a run.

Up hills and down slopes and at last to a cave
We thought this his lair, that unfestive knave.
A tip toe we went, we crept deftly through.
We had sprung on some beasts, if only we knew!

We were beaten quite badly! we were thrashed and trounced!
We could not beat them, as the Bumbles they bounced!
With a brik and a break and a pop and a crack,
From the outside we had come, they threw us right back!

We had found a new path, the knave led us astray!
His cloven clues brightened, oh how he would pay!
our spirits remained unperterbed, nay, not even soured
Vistin missed not a beat, he continued his glower!

We came ‘pon his fort, filled with tiny green men
each spiteful and vicious, they envenomed their den
I tried to keep them contained within winter’s sharp call
but they dashed away dashed away, dashed away all!

We were making good work, this was really quite fun
We had planned to take out each and of course every one!
Things first slowed down for them, but the pace got much faster!
Things would have gone smoothly if not for their master!

Stepping aside from the cursed wreath he had hung
He had slashed us to bits with his long and forked tongue!
With a stomp and a yell and a snort and a roar
I was thrown to the wall then I slumped to the floor!

I thought I was gone, all had faded to black
I must face this through! I had to fight back!
And what to my awakening eyes should appear?
A lashing mad devil, the incarnation of fear!

He bashed us quite senseless, with his knotted ol’ stick
But Drown gored him through, and it made him mad quick!
How he fumed and he gnashed, he grew in size and more smelly!
He would eat us all whole, like a pudding, or jelly!

The Krampus’ great dark rage would prove his undoing
As well versed combatants had their own plans a-brewing.
When one would distract, another would strike.
Soon he’d be finished, his head mounted on pike!

Sinter Klaus was most grateful, he offered a gift
We need off this island, we’re making our lift
I have just thing thing! He reached in his bag through a pile
His hand had emerged, with an innocuous vial.

“This is most rare indeed, and most effacacious”
His bag was impressive and deceptively spacious
Vistin shrugged and said “sure, but what about him?”
Vistin took his job seriously, his mouth always grim.

He can’t be destroyed, unless I’m slain as well
Which, to me, is a thought on which I care not to dwell
You have all done quite well, I appreciate your trouble
Your journey ends here, you’ll be back on the double!

“I shall take you all back!” then he thrust out his chin
Rubbed his sore wrists then he looked at Vistin.
To Ishahotep he winked, to Drown, tipped his hat
gave a nod, to me, Nod and we vanished like that!

Had it all been a dream? Was it all in my sleep?
I had to be sure and made the next logical leap
I arose from my bed, it was now the morning after!
It’s still there in my pocket, the Graggleflax laughter!


Best journal ever!

Book of Nod, Page Thirty-Eight

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