Sea of Madness

Book of Nod

Page Thirty-Seven

Lovers seem to have a difficult time in the Feywild. Whether stars crossed or fates bound there seems to be no shortage of conflict amongst these amorous folk. Spurned by one, loved by another I find more often than not these tales turn into a simple revenge story. Such was the fate of one such person, one who’s grave we disturbed in a rather bothersome maze. As we ambled the wood, we were overtaken by the dreaded wanderlust and forced into a hopelessly lost scenario. Suldren took the lead in being the most petulant and frustrated followed shortly thereafter by Drown. Oddly enough, my annoyance was far more directed towards them than the maze itself.

To bring a culmination to our most recent task we had come across yet another before us. We are to bring some form of justice to the phantom of the maze, by perhaps returning the favor to his assassin. Personally I’d like to see something a bit more… imaginative done, but alas, the crew I am with are not terribly creative from their mundane upbringing. Oh well, I shan’t hold it against them.



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