Here you can post any items you’d like to find in the course of the game. If there’s anything else you’d like to see or experience at some point, add it under the Miscellaneous section.


  • Rituals. Nothing specific right now, but occasionally finding a ritual book with some handy things in it for Nod and Cassius to copy down would be cool.
  • Elven Cloak (Lvl 7+, PHB 250)
  • Trickster’s Mask (Lvl 20, AV 145)
  • Chameleon Ring (Lvl 16, AV 156)
  • Ring of Fey Travel (Lvl 22, AV 158)
  • Ring of Shadow Travel (Lvl 15, AV 159)
  • Ritual Candle (Lvl 11, PHB 255)
  • Gloves of Eldritch Admixture (Lvl 8+, AV 134)
  • Periapt of Recovery
  • Survivor’s Belt
  • Cloak of Translocation (Lvl 19 +4, AV2 66)
  • Belt of Giant Strength (Lvl 15, PHB 252)
  • Eladrin Ring of Passage (Lvl 14, King of the Trollhaunt Warrens 23)

* Sylvan Armor PHB p231
* Sunleaf Armor PHB p231
* Burglar’s Gloves PHB p247
* Gloves of Piercing PHB p247
* Rogue’s Gloves PHB p247
* Guildmaster’s Gloves PHB p247
* Goggles of the Night PHB p248
* Diadem of Aculty PHB 248
* Dynamic Belt PHB p253
* Dire Shark Mount A.V. P11
* Flame Bracers AV p117
* Cat Paws AV 132
* Flaying Gloves AV 133
* Gloves of Agility AV 134
* Eye of Discernment AV 141***
* Eternal Chalk AV 171


  • I’d like a reason for the group to return to Suldren’s hometown.
  • A quest or two where we seek or are rewarded with masterwork armor.
  • More skill challenges (we’ve done one or two at this point) where the team is divided, but working towards the same goal. (Example: One team comprised of Nod, Cassius, and Vuden is silently slinking through a mansion for the purposes of thievery while Kun-We, Suldren, and Talmud are outside the mansion distracting the guards.) How one group performs directly affects the other group.


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