We have ventured further into the massive stone stronghold that we discovered within the Underdark. In the next room we explored we found several of the mechanical men who seemed to be in various states of disrepair. They were far from incapacitated though. They flew about in a chaotic flurry, pummeling everything, and everyone, around them. They were even bashing each other as they spun about wildly. To make matters worse, there was another one at the other end of the room that felt compelled to “spill its guts” to us… literally. It was somehow able to shoot a torrent of nuts, bolts, cogs, and other metal debris at us from within its metal body. Perhaps it was able to keep functioning after shooting this material because they were just loose metal pieces that it had collected in some internal cavity. In any case, we did not have the time to study it afterward.

As we continued to the next room we discovered a rather nasty trap. We also discovered it in the way I like the least; by triggering it. Two small apertures blasted us with absolutely frigid cold. After frantically running about we were able to block up the apertures and disable the device. Then, we triggered the same kind of trap except that it blasted fire at us! Automatons are not the only danger in this place. That much is certain. After disabling the fire trap in a similar manner to the cold one, we entered the next room. We actually saw the next trap without activating it. It was a trap that would flood the room with acid. Someone certainly was inspired by the various elemental forces.

One of the rooms in the next area was a large area that looked like it served as a barracks or something similar. It was a large area that served as a common sleeping area for a few dozen people. The room had long since been abandoned by those who had slept in it though. Now it was overtaken by oozes slithering about the walls and floors. They were extremely corrosive and we could understand why the door to the room had been locked. We decided to destroy the creatures on the off chance that within the room was hidden a key to another door or some great treasure. After much fighting we found nothing in the room but decaying beds and piles of teeth and bone. At least we tried, and most importantly, no one in the group was seriously injured.

We have decided to rest for a while to make sure that we are prepared for whatever faces us next. Vuden especially seems rather worn out after the traps and battles we have faced. As much as we want to get to Sam quickly, we cannot do that if we fall in battle because we are exhausted. Let’s hope there’s still time enough for all of us.


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