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  • Cassius12

    We had a well-earned rest as the crew of the Cortadormar waited for its chance at a nighttime raid on Lurd. Afterwards, Suldren and I confronted Nod. He confessed to impersonating Suldren through a seagull and alerting the governor to our plan. He told …

  • Session Twelve

    "From the Journal of Cassius Wolfslayer, Page Twelve":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/seaofmadness/adventure-log/cassius12

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  • Vuden12

    Well it is never a dull moment for the Daggers. Well, how fun can a dull Dagger be? Apparently, we had a traitor in our midst. Nod, the lowest scum on the earth, told the governor what was gonna happen. Why in the hell would he do that?!?! Apparently …

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