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  • Book of Nod, Page Three

    I do say, when things seem to be looking up, the rush of excitement at it’s peak, they must fall inevitably downward. Tragic as it is, I had missed out on a slave today. I had rescued him from the clutches of his own comrade goblins, but he had proved to …

  • Session Three

    "Book of Nod, Page Three":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/seaofmadness/adventure-log/book-of-nod-page-three

    [[Talmud3 |

    Talmud's Journal

    ]] [[Cassius3 |

    From the Journal of Cassius Wolfslayer, Page Three

    ]] …

  • Talmud3

    Day Three: Bashing undead is easy to do

    The undead. They are vile things; animated corpses, rotten and reeking, I find a distinct pleasure in ending them. Creeping through the darkness, we found what seemed to be a nest of the blighters. As we …

  • Cassius3

    We slept in the torture chamber. Which was not as unpleasant as you’d think after we ridded it of its former occupants and piled the torture implements in front of the door. Halfway through the night some goblins came to the door wanting to torture one …

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