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  • From the Belly of the dragon

    I haven’t written in here but I really need to vent. It all deals with Nod wanting for us to do some stupid oath to make sure we aren’t lying to each other. There are ways to handle that type of suggestion, and in my opinion he could of gone by it an …

  • Session Ten

    "From the Belly of the Dragon: Vuden's Words":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/seaofmadness/adventure-log/from-the-belly-of-the-dragon

    [[KunWe10 |

    The Mind of Kun-We

    ]] [[Nod10 |

    Book of Nod, Page Ten

    ]] [[Cassius10 …

  • KunWe10

    "We left the ruins of Melora's temple splattered with the ruins of her servants. And we took their ship. It was a good day! "The ship, we will sell. Let someone else bear Melora's curse for sailing it. "We will return to port to finish our job, …

  • Nod10

    There is something phenomenally dreary about chasing after a group of cultists to kill them and instead find ourselves grasping at sand… But such woes were quickly dashed to waste as the group and I had succeeded in our mission. We had found the …

  • Cassius10

    Page 10 We found a chamber in the caves that was covered in seaweed and large pods. Not surprisingly, the pods burst open soon after we entered. What was surprising was that the pods burst open to reveal... us! There was a doppleganger for each of …

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