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  • nod16

    I am not well. Rather, speaking, I am too well for my own good. Right, from the beginning… We were investigating the X on the map we had stolen from the governors mansion and after navigating our way through dead bugbears and tropical and savage …

  • Session Sixteen

    h3. "Book of Nod, Page Sixteen":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/seaofmadness/adventure-log/nod16 h3. [[cassius16 | From the Journal of Cassius Wolfslayer, Page Sixteen]] [[Journals | Back to Journals]]

  • cassius16

    We continue to explore the maze of tunnels underneath the ruined temple. I can't believe how much this is like some of the stories I used to read! It's just like the tales of a group of heroes fighting off monsters as they hunt for treasure. Except …

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