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  • Talmud19

    We have finally abandoned the forsaken homeland of Kun-We. After a few days on that abysmal island, and seeing the horror that had been wrought there, I have found much sympathy for our Mr. We. It seems like his shoulders carry an incredible burden, …

  • Session Nineteen

    h3. "Talmud's Journal":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/seaofmadness/adventure-log/talmud19 h3. [[cassius19 | From the Journal of Cassius Wolfslayer, Page Nineteen]] [[Journals | Back to Journals]]

  • cassius19

    With a heap of bear meat, and a dragon's hoard of treasure... literally, we made it back to the ship. We were greeted as heroes, which is something that I can most definitely get used to. We hadn't had that kind of welcome since back in Winterhaven. …

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