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  • Talmud4

    Deeper and deeper we delved into the twisting tunnels and cramped corridors of the Shadowfell Keep. We were sorely tested by droves of the undead, but we pressed onwards until we came to a wide room where an evil priest was going about his dark deeds. …

  • Session Four

    "Talmud's Journal":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/seaofmadness/adventure-log/Talmud4

    [[Suldren4 |

    Suldren's Journal

    ]] [[Cassius4 |

    From the Journal of Cassius Wolfslayer, Page Four

    ]] [[Nod4 |

    Book …

  • Cassius4

    From the journal of Cassius Wolfslayer… Exploring the dungeon, we encountered a few magical traps disguised as statues. After making our way past them we fought our way to what appeared to be a rather high-ranking member of the cult. In a very …

  • Nod4

    Certainly, some people take a degree of pride in being the one who was right. I do believe that this time there is a very specific level of lamentation that is been acquired for being correct. For in being so insightful, I have condemned myself; an act …

  • Suldren4

    We had made our way past the first two traps that had been set in the dungeon easily thanks to Cassius and Nod's ranged abilities. The next trap we set off however nearly cost Vuden his life. After that trap had been deactivated we needed to rest so that …

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