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  • nod11

    I am at ease now. Surprisingly, no one had interest in becoming oathcircle brethren, save one. It appears that the only attempt Suldren made to ally everyone was to appease me. That was not what I wanted. What I had required was a bond to them all. It …

  • Session Eleven

    "The Book of Nod, Page Eleven":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/seaofmadness/adventure-log/nod11

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    Suldren's Journal...and then some

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    From the belly of the dragon

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  • Suldren11

    The creature we had summoned was not nearly as large and imposing to view as I had expected. My relief was short lived when I realized it was far more nimble and intelligent than I had hoped. The central room was the only one we could stay in safely and …

  • Vuden11

    Things are better in our little world. Cassius, in my opinion, is the wisest of all of us. He brought us all together and told us the truth about the fae and the ritual. When he was talking I just wanted to punch Nod right in the face. He likes to …

  • Talmud11

    I have never been a loner; it simply is not something that comes naturally to a Dwarf. Growing up in the mountains and on the rocky shores North of Winterhaven, I learned to trust my allies with my life. “I will watch your back as well as you watch mine,” …

  • Cassius11

    I have succeeded! After an eventful night on the water I gathered everyone together to speak my peace. I apparently made for a very convincing argument, as everyone agreed that the best thing for the group was to not forge an oath circle with Nod. As …

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