Sea of Madness

Just another day in the Feywild

That’s the one of the most interesting and frustrating things about living in the Feywild. Just when you think you have seen most of what it has to offer it immediately proves you wrong. As I stood outside of Vernol’s, being quite pleased with myself a small pixie came and asked for him. After I explained that I was all that remained, the pixie accepted this fact and then stated that I would meet his lady. I had nothing else to do and so I agreed, to which the pixie pulled me along with greater strength than should have been possible from something so small.

As we reached the destination I felt genuine joy for the first time in several cycles. Two other satyrs were to be a part of this group! There was also a man completely clad in armor who seemed to strongly dislike the elf that was a part of our group as well. Not that I can entirely blame him, elves do have a tendency to be pretty damn smug and annoying.

When we finally reached the pixie’s lady I was amazed by her beauty and raw power exuding from her. She explained our mission, we were to rescue an eladrin and he needed to be alive. After explaining where he was being held she offered information about it’s defenses. Even though we all agreed that disguising ourselves and walking through the front door was our best option, she still insisted on telling us all about how amazing the defenses were. Hell, the way she went on and on I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a hand in creating them and was using this as an opportunity to brag. I walked out early because she had started to bore me and I was looking forward to beginning this quest.

As I waited outside I played some music and one of the other satyrs joined in and we played together. Such simple fun! Perhaps this mission will be as good for my spirits as my pockets. The other satyr joined us and mentioned that he couldn’t play an instrument. I could hardly believe my ears, but apparently he was raised outside of the Feywild and has come here seeking information on his parents. We will teach him what it truly means to be a satyr, I have no doubt in that.

Before we set off it was announced that the satyr seeking his parents would be our leader. I gave no objection, for two reasons. He is a satyr and he wasn’t raised here making him far more trustworthy than the rest of us.

The journey was what one would expect of the Feywild. Sentient insects, blinding fog, water with a normal cave underneath it, a child that transformed into a man, and trees coming to life and attacking us. When the trees attacked we easily took care of them. Thanks in no small part to the pixie and the human raised satyr. I look forward to seeing the destruction we will cause in the future.

The Journey Home: My Adventures in the Feywild - Chapter One

The elves in Duskweed had the most delicious quail eggs I had ever dined on. To be fair, this was not a difficult task to accomplish; I had never eaten quail eggs before. Walking the streets after my meal I was approached by the strangest eladrin I had ever met. This eladrin did not give me his name, but did let me know that he could give me the names, and perhaps more information, of my long lost parents. Since coming to the Feywild a few months ago, none of the satyrs or nymphs I have found have been able to help me piece together where my home may be. This eladrin is willing to give me what I seek, but first he tasked me with hiring a guide and venturing off to the nearby Crutch Hills to partake in some kind of quest. Apparently I am to save some mortals, particularly one Cassius Wolfslayer, of whom this eladrin has a keen interest in. A woman would be waiting in the Crutch Hills to give me more details of the task ahead.

I hired myself a somewhat aloof elf who seemed competent enough, despite his eccentric behavior. The elf, Myken is his name, was shocked to see the item the eladrin gave me to use as payment, something from his family’s past I gather; this made me more leery of the eladrin at the same time it strengthened my hope that he may really have the knowledge of my family that he claims.

The next morning we set out and made it to the Crutch Hills rather quickly. When we arrived we found ourselves in the company of a half-elf, a frosty-looking pixie, and… two satyrs! As we spoke with one another and made our introductions it quickly became clear we were all gathered to meet with the same woman, and likely work together on her behalf.

After her attendant led us to her cave, we met the woman the eladrin spoke of. She was quite beautiful. If the whole experience had not already been so bewildering I am sure I would have tried to sweet-talk her, but alas, I was a little overwhelmed between the strange eladrin, the two satyrs, and the rather excitable flying icicle.

We were to go to Abril-tir, home of the Prince of Frost, and execute some sort of rescue mission. After I was made the group’s leader, we set out. We decided we would try to enter the city through the main gate under the guise of circus performers.

Our journey took us through some rather spooky looking landscapes. This place is home, and yet it still feels completely alien to me. Not long into our journey we found some small body of water. Buckle, our little pixie friend, scouted out the depths for us. There was a small eladrin boy trapped in some kind of air-filled oubliette under the water.

The boy was held by some magic spell or curse. He implied that he had been there for a very long time, and when we were able to bring him with us to the surface, the magic was dispelled and before us he stood as an adult. He promised to return the favor before vanishing. I imagine he must be starving, I wish I could have had a chance to recommend Duskweed to him.

As we neared Abril-tir, the Prince of Frost’s influence became clear. The trees themselves seemed to have been bent and shaped by his will. Then small, animated mounds of slush attacked us alongside the trees themselves. The forest itself was striking out at us as if it was aware of our intent, that we planned to take from the Prince of Frost these people whom he has claimed as his own. Perhaps it was my fault, the idea that those people are being held against their will… imprisoned… it makes me sick. It’s like claws reaching out of my bones and scratching at my skin from underneath. After what I have been through in my life I cannot stand to let anyone else suffer that manner of existence. We must free these people. And then I will know my mother and father.

A breath of winter: one.
I met my lady!

She is beautiful, even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.
Not that I imagine things much. I am easily distracted.
She told me to meet a person, or someone that knows that person. I met someone who knows, and led him to my lady.
There were others there. Satyrs, mostly, but also an elf and some kind of almost-elf! He’s mean, but funny. They Satyrs smell, but Faunus is our leader, my lady says, so I will follow him.
My lady gave me a secret. I will guard it with my life, and do whatever I must to get it done.
My lady gave the mean one a secret too, but I stuck my fingers in my ears so I wouldn’t know it.
We walked for a long time, until I found some water. I swam through it, to the air underneath and found a crying child. I swam back up, but everyone said water isn’t usually swam through. Swimmed through? I don’t know. They all said it, so I don’t think they are lying.
We rescued the child and he grew up! That was neat.
Then we arrived outside Abril-Tir. That’s where the lady sent us. The plants attacked us! I made them plants again, with my pick. That was fun!

Book of Nod, Page Thirty-Eight
Twas the Nod Before Christmas

Twas the night before yuletide, in the Inn, all around
not a creature was stirring, not even our Drown.
Holly was hung from the lintels so high
We were all quite amazed, we all wondered why.

The next day we arose, something was amiss!
something destroyed yuletide, what madness was this?
We asked the Eladrin if their spirits could lift
they said that they would, if we followed the drift.

Snow gathered round, oh what wonders said I!
Vistin just glowered, Drown scratched his good eye.
This snowdrift led us to a veteran tree
Ishahotep ran round, and what did he see?

A wintered Fey land, covered in deep white snow
with cloven footprints left not all that long ago.
We urged ourselves on, I think I had more fun
I took my boots off and then went for a run.

Up hills and down slopes and at last to a cave
We thought this his lair, that unfestive knave.
A tip toe we went, we crept deftly through.
We had sprung on some beasts, if only we knew!

We were beaten quite badly! we were thrashed and trounced!
We could not beat them, as the Bumbles they bounced!
With a brik and a break and a pop and a crack,
From the outside we had come, they threw us right back!

We had found a new path, the knave led us astray!
His cloven clues brightened, oh how he would pay!
our spirits remained unperterbed, nay, not even soured
Vistin missed not a beat, he continued his glower!

We came ‘pon his fort, filled with tiny green men
each spiteful and vicious, they envenomed their den
I tried to keep them contained within winter’s sharp call
but they dashed away dashed away, dashed away all!

We were making good work, this was really quite fun
We had planned to take out each and of course every one!
Things first slowed down for them, but the pace got much faster!
Things would have gone smoothly if not for their master!

Stepping aside from the cursed wreath he had hung
He had slashed us to bits with his long and forked tongue!
With a stomp and a yell and a snort and a roar
I was thrown to the wall then I slumped to the floor!

I thought I was gone, all had faded to black
I must face this through! I had to fight back!
And what to my awakening eyes should appear?
A lashing mad devil, the incarnation of fear!

He bashed us quite senseless, with his knotted ol’ stick
But Drown gored him through, and it made him mad quick!
How he fumed and he gnashed, he grew in size and more smelly!
He would eat us all whole, like a pudding, or jelly!

The Krampus’ great dark rage would prove his undoing
As well versed combatants had their own plans a-brewing.
When one would distract, another would strike.
Soon he’d be finished, his head mounted on pike!

Sinter Klaus was most grateful, he offered a gift
We need off this island, we’re making our lift
I have just thing thing! He reached in his bag through a pile
His hand had emerged, with an innocuous vial.

“This is most rare indeed, and most effacacious”
His bag was impressive and deceptively spacious
Vistin shrugged and said “sure, but what about him?”
Vistin took his job seriously, his mouth always grim.

He can’t be destroyed, unless I’m slain as well
Which, to me, is a thought on which I care not to dwell
You have all done quite well, I appreciate your trouble
Your journey ends here, you’ll be back on the double!

“I shall take you all back!” then he thrust out his chin
Rubbed his sore wrists then he looked at Vistin.
To Ishahotep he winked, to Drown, tipped his hat
gave a nod, to me, Nod and we vanished like that!

Had it all been a dream? Was it all in my sleep?
I had to be sure and made the next logical leap
I arose from my bed, it was now the morning after!
It’s still there in my pocket, the Graggleflax laughter!

Book of Nod
Page Thirty-Seven

Lovers seem to have a difficult time in the Feywild. Whether stars crossed or fates bound there seems to be no shortage of conflict amongst these amorous folk. Spurned by one, loved by another I find more often than not these tales turn into a simple revenge story. Such was the fate of one such person, one who’s grave we disturbed in a rather bothersome maze. As we ambled the wood, we were overtaken by the dreaded wanderlust and forced into a hopelessly lost scenario. Suldren took the lead in being the most petulant and frustrated followed shortly thereafter by Drown. Oddly enough, my annoyance was far more directed towards them than the maze itself.

To bring a culmination to our most recent task we had come across yet another before us. We are to bring some form of justice to the phantom of the maze, by perhaps returning the favor to his assassin. Personally I’d like to see something a bit more… imaginative done, but alas, the crew I am with are not terribly creative from their mundane upbringing. Oh well, I shan’t hold it against them.

Book of Nod
Page Thirty-Six

Oh, The Hunt. The Hunt, The Hunt, The Hunt. I think any other time I would have enjoyed it more. I think without my present company I would have enjoyed it more. I think that we, ourselves, are becoming more and more distracted by this island. I ponder at the idea of island itself being alive and trying to will us to stay by keeping us distracted long enough that we forget our goals. If we forget out goals, we become no better than the Satyrs of the woods, lost in a dizzying spell of action and reaction with no regard for the future.
While The Hunt itself threw us back only a day or so, I must admit, it was exhilerating. I do, also, consider us very lucky, we were on the outskirts of The Hunt itself, it was the youthful rabble that chased us. If we had come across the seasoned members, our throats would be removed by uncaring maws.
Not that anyone appreciates my contributions to our escape. For Feywild’s sake, we shouldn’t have even had to escape. Drown perhaps doesn’t realize you shouldn’t continue to ask questions when one is remaining hidden, perhaps this is a virtue lost on him. And yes, Drown, you dolt, there are reasons I didn’t tell you what we were hiding from. If your fight or flight instinct kicks in, and it’ s not the same as everyone else’ s, well, that could lead disaster for the party when The Hunt comes calling. Better to try to avoid it all together, especially when we have better things to be doing.
I’ve also noticed when Suldren is incapable of doing anything on his own he tends to bark at others to do their jobs better. Because he must imagine that’s superb for morale. I think my venom towards Suldren is growing, his stubborness wearies me and his desire to lash out needlessly leaves much to be desired in a captain.
I feel underwhelmed.

Book of Nod
Page Thirty-Two

As I return my Eladrin ward back to her family there are two things that are on my mind, both disparate ideas. One, I think Cassius is a nicer fellow than I’d given him credit for. As we were rescuing the maiden he seemed to take a particular interest in her care and well being. I can’t say for certain whether or not it was his hormones were getting the best for him, but his consideration was genuine and for that I give him his due.

Have I mentioned we’ve gone back to killing the Troll King?

The second is my thoughts drifting back to Kun-We. What precisely has happened to his body concerns me a great deal. The first circumstance is that somehow the body was stolen, by Sinel, or one of his crew in which case I am to understand that he’s going to be pumping the body for information by means via a ritual. Alternatively, it could be used as a weapon against us, and quite frankly, I do not wish to see a large Bugbear hurtling towards us, most specifically Kun-We. While we hadn’t exactly departed on the best terms, I feel that after death, those terms could be largely skewed and rather unfavorable towards me.

I also have not forgotten about his sudden and rather unlikely resurrection months back. It disturbed me then, and it’s disturbance has not left me since. Perhaps I’m the only one sensitive to these things. Funny, actually, how I’m not bothered by Drown.

I think we should pick up a bride for Cassius while we’re here. I think some stability would do him some good—-

Vistin's Journal

Trolls! Trolls, gentle reader. I have outwitted and evaded the finest mercenaries across the Shadowfell and Ishar, slain dukes and kings, done battle with great wizards, and killed dragons, and now here I am, trapped in the Feywild, killing trolls in a swamp.

The course of our adventure led us to the seat of the local troll king, an insipid, wretched little creature with a great apparent love of fortifications but little love for engineering or architecture. Also, he has very sharp ears. Our task was to rescue an Eladrin lass from him, but of course we never saw the girl. We negotiated with him briefly, agreeing to kill his brother for him as a sign of good faith. By a strange coincidence, another potential course of action set before us was to learn this small troll’s weakness from his brother, thereby unseating him from his throne. In a rare and welcome display of cruel cunning, the party has opted to simply do both.

After locating the brother of the current troll king, who happens to also be the deposed, former troll king, we plied him with promises of aid and learned that his brother’s secret weakness is the same as any king’s: If we can turn his people against him, he will be powerless. Since this is the Feywild, I presume this will manifest in some more or less literal way, but it was certainly worth asking in case it had turned out to be moonwort picked on a certain day or some similar nonsense.

Learning this, we provoked him a bit, but received only thrown boulders for our trouble. After retreating to a safe distance in a failed attempt to draw him out, we decided to approach his bridge (did I mention he was a bridge troll, reader? Yes, he was a bridge troll. These things happen in the Feywild, you must understand) from above, rather than beneath. I shadowed Nod as he approached from the top, which proved fortuitous as the troll noticed him and swung up to attack him. The wizard and I gave him far more trouble than he expected, and the rest of the party soon arrived to help finish the job, so now we have his (giant, incredibly heavy, petrified) head, as well as the secret he was guarding.

We have also met some celestial Eladrin, one tribe echoing the sun and one the moon. They were a welcome surprise! The sun Eladrin are a brave and proud race, unashamed of bold deeds and welcoming of challenges. The moon Eladrin are quiet and reserved, but seem cunning and merciless. Light seems to increase or decrease around them, but whether it is being bent to their will or whether it is the land reacting to their presence, or if there is some even stranger explanation, I have no idea. I enjoyed meeting them both. It is good to know there are still some pleasant surprises left in the world.

Each challenge we face seems to split off into more and more obstacles and our tasks multiply before us. I fear it may be some time before we escape this plane, but at least we have found some tolerable people here.

From the Journal of Cassius Wolfslayer
Page 30

We sailed for the waterfall that Linny directed us towards. It was afternoon when we found it,and it was one of the most spectacular things I’ve seen in my life. Fire cascaded down a massive rock face. Smaller rivulets of liquid flame scattered off the rocks and disappeared into nothing. We had a few hours until sunset,and so most just busied themselves,but I found myself hypnotized by the spectacle. We were preparing to enter the realm of the Fey; what lay in store for us would be totally different from anything we have ever known. Even Nod,who is from a completely different realm then the one we are entering,will be out of his element.

I could feel the pull even then, while still waiting on the boat. There was a thrum in the back of my head as the Feywild called to me. The magic that I control flows from the Feywild,and being so close to the source of my power was making me dizzy with excitement.

Sunset came and the molten flame transformed into a waterfall. Not wasting any time,we sailed through and found ourselves in a sea of stars. The water perfectly reflected the night sky above us. We watched as stars winked out, appeared from nowhere and danced in the sky. It was a small taste of how the workings of this world are very different from what we know.

We sailed to the largest of the three islands; the one that has no ruler. We were hoping that amongst the various factions, communities,and miscellaneous groups warring for survival we could find some allies to help us defeat Synelle. Things took a surprise turn when within moments of docking the ship,the Cortadormar begin to take on water. The ship was rapidly deteriorating. Nod and I deduced that it must be related to the Meloran artifacts. Powerful mortal magic and the magic of the Feywild do not mixvery well. The ship itself,being comprised of mundane materials,could not withstand the stresses being placed on it by the clash of two very different, overwhelmingly powerful magicks. The town we were in was populated solely with Eladrin. We were able to convince some of them to help us haul the ship up onto the beach before it sank. We learned from some of the Eladrin gathered that there was a shipwright on the other side of town that we could visit with in the morning. We all hoped that he could repair the ship; but in the meantime,Captain Suldren,Nod, our three new friends,Ishahotep, Drown,and Vistin,and I all made our way to the inn. Linny,Sam, and the few remaining crew stayed with the ship.

The Eladrin that ran the inn greeted us kindly,one of the few at that point in town who did not immediately seem to dislike us, although she was understandably on guard when she saw Drown. Although we could have paid in gold,we decided to pay for our rooms with a favor. When in the Feywild,do as the fey do. Nod and I spoke at length with our hostess until morning. It was a test of willpower to stay awake all night, even with all the excitement I was feeling,but I had to make sure Nod did not doom us all.

The next morning we visited the shipwright,who was happy to help us repair the ship if we fetched the necessary materials for him. We also struck an agreement where we would fetch some crystals for him. In exchange he agreed to actually enhance the ship. There’s only the small matter of the dangerous creatures that have infested the mine. Weren’t we supposed to be finding allies to help with our fight? Between the innkeeper and the shipwright,we were starting to get a good understanding of what to expect from the various areas of the island.

We went back to the inn to perform some tasks for our hostess. I drew garden duty. Potatoes were much easier. These plants required blood instead of water for sustenance. Some of the others were able to get a bucket of blood from the market for me. So I didn’t need to try and talk everyone into donating a little blood to a communal bucket… or go hunting. Hunting on my own in the Feywild was as appealing as appointing Nod the ship’s diplomat.

When we spoke with the shipwright,he had also pointed us toward the de facto leader of the town. The mayor was in need of the assistance of stalwart adventurers assembled in a motley crew journeying in an alien dimension. Thank goodness none of the other groups fitting that description beat us to him.

As it turns out,the town’s leader has a daughter who was kidnapped by trolls… their king to be specific. Realizing that a young Eladrin girl in the clutches of a troll king was somewhat more pressing than holes in a hull,we set out for the swamp where the trolls congregate. Along our journey we learned to avoid tall grasses growing near running water when those grasses lashed out at us. Strange,scary plants aside; we found the swamp and soon found us some trolls

The small band of large trolls was handily dispatched and as I write this now I am sitting on the shoulder of a rather large specimen catching my breath. The things stink of the fetid odor of the swamp,and yet,they seem to smell even worse than the swamp itself. Maybe it’s the fact that we had to burn so much of their flesh to kill them.

I hate trolls. And we have so many more of them to kill.

Story of a Dead Man 2

My short life has taken a dark turn. A week ago, Captain Lee and his crew dredged my body out of the sea. I didn’t know who I was, only how I had gotten there. I was murdered. The captains mystic Linny said I was a Revenant. That for some reason I had my soul put back in my body to do something. They couldn’t tell me what, but they did say my appearance was a omen of death. Turns out they were right. Later that week the ship was attacked. Some spineless pirate named Synelle raided in the middle of the night looking for something. We were overrun. Things looked bleak until the rest of the crew arrived, and let me tell you, the Daggers, as Lee called them are something else. These men fight like demons. The raiders were being frozen solid, broken by blade and hammer and tossed about like ash on the wind. Things were looking good until that foul Synelle joined the fight. You see, Synelle doesn’t fight fair. He uses magic with his sword play, the coward. We were no match for him. If he hadn’t gone yellow after taking a few minor cuts he might have killed us all. Instead he fled, or at least that’s what the Daggers told me when they brought me back to consciousness. They were all a little creeped out by me, all except this one guy named Vistan. He seemed real interested in me. He’s a Shadar-Kai.He smelled like death. Have to say, for now I think he might be the only one I can trust completely. Anyway, it was shortly after Vistan helped me up that the omen I carried became apparent. The first mate Sam told us that Captain Lee was dead. Syenelle had killed him. I was mad, furious even. The man that had pulled me out of the water and given me safe passage on his boat was dead and I was deaths greeting card. Fate is a sick bitch. But that’s ok, cause fate brought me back with a purpose and I think I know what it is. I think I’m here to kill Synelle and you know what? Even if that isn’t my reason for being here, I’m going to do it anyway. Synelle picked the wrong albatross to shot down and he’s gonna pay.


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