Onion has had a typical satyr life, more or less. A few capers, a few adventures, nothing world-shaking. Well, there was the thing with the gnomes and the troll, but… That didn’t really pan out the way he thought it would. He tends to travel the wilderness, stopping here and there near cities, helping the forest folk out with city problems and the city folk out with forest problems, and more or less never having any problems of this own.

His laid-back approach to life might lead some to believe that he is not a serious person. They would be right. He’s happy to help anyone that asks for it in good faith, but he doesn’t usually seek out adventure himself. He’d rather play his lute and climb mountains and explore the wilds. Novelty and excitement appeal to him, however, and danger doesn’t really bother him, so he does occasionally go looking for trouble. Lately, he’s been feeling like this might be one of those times.

Theme Song: Tiny Tim – Living In The Sunlight, Loving In The Moonlinght


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