"Nod" Nadleal Uraellio Uzanim Bralani

Nod stands a consistently poised and long 6’2”. His face is as pale as the winter, with his hair a whitish blonde. His eyes are two icy blue orbs elegantly almonded in his face with mouth that has lightly pointed teeth that sometimes separate his lips


Nadleal Uraellio Uzanim, The Frozen Man

Nod was raised and bred in the Fey Wild in a city that appears every third winter in the mortal realm. The city known as Abril-tir is raised up in a cold mountainous region far removed from most civilization. These mountain palisades were absurd structures, tall and impossibly thin huts ejected out of the ground in this wintery Shangri-la. It was here Nod had developed his innate magical nature, away from the strife of the mortal lands, in a land rich with strange life and magic. It was also from these lands from which he was ex-communicated. Completely unaware of any crimes or wrong doing, Nod was cast out from Abril-tir as the lands disappeared behind him. He looked back in disbelief.
What had he done do deserve this? Was this a test? A Punishment? What could he do to garner the favor of his people again?
He shouted at the mountaintops for hours for them to come back knowing full well Abril-tir would not return for 3 whole years. His voice harsh and torn, he traveled down the mountain valley in hopes of finding a more habitable living accommodation, the land here being unsuitable. It was at the base of the mountain valley that he came across a small tribe of goblins. These goblins were not entirely dissimilar to other goblins in that their main motivations were greed and survival. Thus, these motivations had moved them to attack the Tall Man, with his expensive looking furs and render him dead and penniless.
As the goblins neared, Nod crafted an artful gesture with his hand and a score of them had become encased in ice and rendered immobile. This immobility, the goblins had soon discovered, had come about from being killed. This, being largely incurable for them, had prompted their decision that they should move on with their afterlives and see what wait for them there.
The goblins still living, however, had better ideas than to see what lay after Death and fled immediately. Nod, seemingly depressed, strode over to where the corpses lay and searched them for items of Worth. He took their bric a brac, their small tokens, bits of hair, and what appeared to be their own teeth on leather thongs. He then took up their material wealth, knowing that mortals were often interested in numerous metallurgic materials. It was now that it hit him that he too was a mortal. Now that he too had a desire for these bits of silver and copper he was struck morose for the rest of the evening.
In the evening, the goblins had returned, this time under and entirely different pretense. A female had strode it’s way into the front, wearing a skull and the furs of some other animal. Nod absently raised his hand. The female shrieked and dropped to her knees holding up her hands, which to Nod’s eye, appeared to be alms. Nod sat up and walked over to the female Nod assumed was the chieftain. Looking down upon the small thing one could not help but feel what he thought to be pity. He took the alms and they bade him follow them.
He was led into a small “settlement” devised of small tents with respectively small campfires. From what he was able to attain from their broken common tongue they wished for him to stay with them. He would stay with them for a time and then move on, he thought, they could provide him with suitable services.
Nod caught on rather quickly that this was a ploy. They wished for him to go to sleep and they would kill him and take back all their belongings and then some. Their plan fell apart, however, when they came to the realization that this frozen man did not sleep, he simply looked bored at night.
This led to a tenuous relationship between all the parties involved. Nod would stay until he found something better. The goblins would wait until he fell asleep to kill him. But, until such a time when one of these things happened, it simply became a symbiotic relationship. They would hunt for food and with what they brought back he would start a fire for them to cook with. Nod would also keep stray animals at bay while the goblins would stand watch at night while Nod would look bored. They gave him the names “The Frozen Man” and “Bloodstained Coat” and he adopted the names quickly as he took them as the sign of affection that they were.
Now Nod waits for something to come along as he begins to set his eyes on something that he’d never seen before, Spring.

"Nod" Nadleal Uraellio Uzanim Bralani

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