Myken Kanuth


Myken is tall for an elf, nearly 6 foot. On first glace that might be all that you pick up, apart from identifying him as a non-descript member of his race. That might be the same one out standing feature you pick up on second and third glance too, he is a little tall… for an elf.

In truth, he will not be the first to introduce himself, usually be slightly suspicious of anyone he meets for the first time. He won’t be the first to smile either. Just the same flat, stern, disinterested often mis-interrupted for “you’re beneath me” kind of look. And its not that he is shy either. Make an audible comment about any one of a number of topics Myken is passionately opinionated about and that he disagrees with, and you will not hear the end of it. Please stay clear of politics, religion, birth-right, taxes social status and trash-day pick up. Better just keep it to the weather.

Oh yeah, and he carries a bow, longsword and wears leather armor. He’s an elf.


I am Myken Kanuth, a man elf of the Fey. I am alone amongst many, amongst others who are alone.

Most often I know my like when I see them, a nod, a glance, an understanding. Anything more can be dangerous. A miss interpretation can be deadly. For the most part, the masses are ambivalent. That or naive. It doesn’t much matter. I find my solace with the few that do, but mostly with myself and always with him.

Prayers to my God, or to any for that matter are shunned upon in my city. I would be disgraced if that dark mark were ever placed on me. Even the few that I share my secret with would be forced to forget me, ignore me and treat me as an outcast, so the same would not happen to them.  I understand. I would prefer it. It would make little difference to me. I am an outcast already.

So besides the diminutive acceptance I have found in this city, why stay? What is the attraction in being somewhere you don’t belong? Where it is outright dangerous to be yourself.  In the years past, I have grown strong in the spirits of the natural world. A great irony I know. My like are granted terrible and awesome power by their Gods and I remain unheard by mine. Yet I remain faithful. No matter, my abilities are accepted here. And thus how I make my living. The odd job adventurer I have become. My abilities have proven well in a fight as well as in some… sticky situations.

So here I am, on the eve of yet another adventure. I will work for this party, defend them, even perhaps safe their lives, as they might save mine. But they will never know me; far from it I’m afraid.  Such is life. Such is faith.

Myken Kanuth

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