A taciturn pirate with a penchant for headhunting, Kun-We is a hulking bugbear warrior who has learned combat by fighting what seems like just about everybody he has ever met. Staunchly loyal to his allies, he is a danger to nearly everyone else.


Captured by smugglers at age 8, Kun-We knows little of his tribal culture. The smugglers were using part of the island where Kun-We was born as a cache, and he was caught in one of their traps. The smugglers found him before he starved to death, but decided to keep him around their boat as a sort of sapient mascot.

Chained to the mast in all sorts of weather when not being worked like a slave, beaten frequently, fed and watered only rarely, Kun-We withdrew into himself. He had pulled away from the world so far that he was hardly more than an animal when, several years later, his captors’ ship fell prey to pirates.

Released accidentally during the struggle, Kun-We fell upon his captors, fighting alongside the pirates. The pirates were impressed with the boy’s ferocity, if not his skills. They brought him aboard their ship with the plunder and put him to work on their ship, a lowly swabbie, but a free creature. Kun-We has been a pirate ever since, having served with four small crews at different times. Now nearly 20, he is looking to join up with a larger crew to make his name and fortune.

Though he has no problem following orders, he tends to be happiest (or at his least murder-y, anyway) when he is working among equals. His most desirable traits to any potential crew would be his strong arms, sharp eyes, sharp axes, and almost limitless capacity for violence.

He dresses mostly like a sailor – linen shirt, wool breeches, leather boots, leather hat. But he carries a few tokens of his half-remembered tribal culture with him: elaborate bone spikes through his ears and nose, a necklace of beads, feathers, and ivory charms, and a trio of shrunken heads that dangle from his belt – usually the three most recent additions to his collection, although he tends to keep particularly notable foes on display a bit longer.

Kun-We rarely speaks to anyone he does not know, and though perfectly able to communicate information, he has extremely limited conversational skills and is almost completely incapable of making small talk. Similarly, he has little patience for prevarication in others.


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