A Man out of time. A literal mountain of man with a heart for adventure and the battle.


A Battlemind/Goliath Juggernaut. A grey craggy exterior. A towering individual. The happiest you’ll see him would be in battle or on the sea.


Cro-Kal is from a tiny mountain village of Codarwyn. Like any boy when he comes of age, he yearns to go past the borders of his tiny village. With stories the Dwarves told him of their many battles in his mind, he went out to seek his own adventure.
His adventure had a lot of false starts because the land was peaceful. Cro-Kal was foolishly seeking non-existent battles. The dwarven stories gave him a false idea of how the world was on the outside. So he kept traveling, soaking up the new surroundings. Things didn’t pick up until he hit the coastal town of Meloria. The adventure he was seeking, found him. He walked into a tavern because that’s where all the stories started. Surprisingly enough the young Goliath didn’t stand out. This tavern had everyone. So he sat at the bar and absorbed everything around him. He was enjoying an ale when a fight broke out. He saw a little halfling being surrounded, so he decided to jump into the fray and save the little guy. Both of them held their own against the gang until the halfling’s crew came in to bust up the fight. Umo, the halfling, thanked Cro-Kal for saving him and seeing an opportunity to have a Goliath as a possibly bodyguard, he asked if he wanted to join his crew, if gets the ok from his captain first. Cro-Kal being the naive, adventure seeking lad he is, he agreed right away. Umo brought him to Captain Tadrus. The captain interviewed the young lad and brought him on his “sea-adventuring” crew.
It wasn’t long until he realized Captain Tadrus and his crew were pirates. He was put off by this but the adventures he was finally having, made him shrug it off. He was having sea battles, looking for treasure, and fighting monsters he can only dream of. Even though some of the crew were not kind individuals, Cro-Kal followed his own path. He saw Captain Tadrus as a good man and never seen him go over the line. Everything he did was justified.
His friendship with Umo grew over the years. He was Umo’s bodyguard. Umo would cause some mischief in a town and Cro-Kal would clean it up. Dealing with Umo’s messes did wear on him, but Umo was his first friend out here and couldn’t stay mad at him long. It also helped that they made quite the duo on the battlefield. Cro-Kal climbed up the ranks of the crew to be one of Captain Tadrus’ most trusted fighters.
One fateful night, Tadrus’ crew snuck up onto a rival pirate ship to steal a great magical item. As you can guess, it didn’t go smoothly at all. Both crews were battling each other on the deck of the ship. Storm winds started picking up. Waves started to grow. The battle still raged on and Cro-Kal was in the middle of it. At one moment he is slicing his enemy and the next it’s utter darkness. He opened his eyes and saw himself sitting with 5 complete strangers in an ice palace. What the goliath doesn’t know,what felt like a blink in time was actually nearly 100 years.


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