Cassius Wolfslayer

Cassius is a young man, still testing himself and trying to find his place in the world. He wants to live the life of adventure he read about as a child. He is still young though and makes his fair share of mistakes.




Cassius Wolfslayer

The Wolfslayer family farm had been around for 3 generations. Our farm was away from the immediate protection of the big walls of the city, but the Wolfslayers were a tough breed. I never really fit in amongst my kin though. I was always engrossed in books, reading about all manner of things arcane and tales of adventure. Members of the Wolfslayer clan would “retire” to farm life after spending years traveling the land seeking fame and fortune. The result was a surprisingly diverse library that was not read much until I came along.

One day as I walked through the forest away from the farm I stumbled upon a scene that forever changed my life. I found an Eladrin bound in chains to a tree. He was fading in and out of consciousness as a wolf began to stalk towards him. I may not have been a mighty warrior like the others in my family, but I did not fear a wolf. I drew my dagger and charged at the wolf, screaming to try and scare it away. Luckily, it worked and the wolf ran off into the woods. I released the Eladrin from his chains and watched over him until he woke. After I explained how I found him he thanked me profusely and told me that he had to return to the Feywild. He was a prince in his father’s court and his being bound to a tree in the mortal realm was the result of an attack by a rival. The door to the Feywild was in a small clearing nearby, but it only opened at midday, when the clearing was brightest, and the connection to the Feywild was strongest. The Eladrin was unconscious when he was brought from the clearing, so he needed help finding his way to it. Fortunately I was familiar with the forest and we made our way there.

Together we set up a small camp by the nearby clearing to wait until the next midday. While we sat by the fire we exchanged proper introductions. The Eladrin was surprised with my knowledge of the Feywild and other things. He said that in exchange for saving him and leading him back to his homeland he would grant me power from the Feywild. I readily accepted and he promised that once he was back in the Feywild he would use his power to provide me a conduit to the magic of his realm.

That next midday I saw the Eladrin off and then returned home. I waited for the moment when I would gain the power I was promised. A week later my older brother was picking on me as he usually did and as I went to lash out at him a flash of energy burst forth from me and hit him in the face. I stood there amazed, watching the blood flow from his nose and mouth, and his face swelling up like a melon. After a moment he cried out and ran off.

I left home immediately, taking only my dagger, several of my favorite books, and a few other sundries. I’ve spent the time since wandering around a bit, still reading, and surviving as a thief and seeking my own fame and fortune. One day I would like to perform a heist of such daring that it will live on in infamy. Something like stealing from a duke or king a treasured valuable from his own castle. I eagerly await for the opportunity to arise.

Cassius Wolfslayer

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