A flightly little man made of ice & snow with blue veins pulsing beneath his surface.


Buckle looks like a tiny humanoid made entirely out of ice & snow. He is not entirely opaque, but rather like a thick piece of ice. His circulatory system pulses through various blue hues beneath his surface. He moves through the air as if leaping upon platforms invisible to all but him. A trail of snowflakes is always left in his wake.
Anything Buckle equips seems to become a part of him, looking the same in form but being made of a similar, if darker, ice than he.
He has a light voice, like icicles clicking together, and he talks in a simple manner. This & his size often make his enemies take him for granted, much to their chagrin when he bolts at their neck and tears out their veins with his tiny serrated pick.

Theme song: Tom Waits- November


“Wake up, little snowflake.”
Those were the first words I ever heard. Breath made of the night blew them to me, and I became.
I never saw my dark matron, but she sounded pretty!
I have been given much by my queen, but not my name. I am Buckle. I have never not been.
When her breath blows new words to me, I know what it is to do. Without her words, I do not.
Mostly I run on the wind, fast!
Sometimes, I kill. For her, yes, but also for me.
I have met many, but know no friends. My lady is my friend, but I do not know her. I think knowing friends would be fun!
I am calm alot, but not when I am not. Then I am mad.
When I am bored I become the dark. It is nice there.
I live in cold. If you are cold, you are in my home. Be nice in my home.
Sometimes I kill.


Sea of Madness revderrick