Talia Zasz't

Ebony skinned with hair that tumbles as white and wild as sea foam, Talia adjusts her Warforged arm. There is a glint of hate in her eyes as she flexes her iron fist.


The House Zasz’t was never among the strongest in Zorrvanni. This percieved station of weakness was one that preserved them from many of the feuds that would destroy a rising House. Matriarch Yeliza Zasz’t was happy in the shadows. Afterall, it was where the Drow belonged. Shining in the light, particularly in the Underdark, was a recipe for disaster. It was this House into which Talia was born.

She was a precocious child, unwilling to conform to the wishes of her mother. She was to become a priestess of Lolth, and she was supposed to keep well out of sight. Instead, she entered the army and became a Commander. Her rise in power, along with her brother Jar’kad’s strange experiments, brought too much attention to the House. A petty squabble over land with House Kor’nal became a street war. Talia and her brother led a small army of Jar’kad’s Warforged against House Kor’nal, but ultimately failed when Matriarch Yeliza disowned her children in order to save face and preserve House Zasz’t.

Talia’s sword arm was maimed in the battle.

She and her brother fled Zorvanni and headed for the outermost borders of the Underdark as they knew it. The first ten years were tolerable. Jar’kad built Talia a new arm and she offered him a sympathetic ear. She helped build the warforged’s combat protocols, yet Jar’kad’s appreciation seemed lacking. As their time together drew towards an end, Jar’kad became more and more reculsive. He was so absorbed in his studies and experiments that he no longer even greeted his sister.

Talia confronted Jar’kad about his obsessive behaviour and he was offended by her criticism. Taking her sympathy as an affront, Jar’kad became violent. Rather than fight her brother or allow herself to be bullied, Talia left of her own accord. She wandered onto the surface and swiftly found a place in a world of violence. Fighting in many wars, she used her Drow army training to become the leader of an ever growing band of mercenaries.

Embracing the teachings of Patior was, at first, a political decision. She was the goddess of the sort of creatures that wandered into Talia’s service. The crude, desperate, and violent sort that were attracted to mercenary work could easily be swayed into a religious mindset when the religion didn’t impair their wealth. Eventually, Talia began to believe what she taught, which brought her to Ishar. Allying herself with Rowena, she and her band of mercenaries wait in the shadows for the right time to topple the Isharan government.

Talia Zasz't

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