The symbol of Patior hangs on a fine silver chain between her scarred, exposed breasts.


Rowena once lived amongst the travelling circuses that wound their way from Winterhaven to Vale and throughout the Summer Isles. When Quaitch, a twisted Eladrin, saw her perform her contortion act, he began to plan how he would steal her away. Raising a small gang of zombies, Quaitch threatened the unprotected troupe with death unless they handed over Rowena. Rowena gave herself up, despite her comrades’ protests.

Her life with Quaitch was brutal. She was abused fiercely, her flesh ripped and torn as part of Quaitch’s attempts to understand humanity and the ebb and flow of life energy. As years passed, Quaitch obtained other subjects for his experimentations, and Rowena used every last bit of her wits to escape her vile master.

Fleeing to Ishar, Rowena sought asylum with the Priestesses of Patior. Rowena found solace in the sisterhood, and rose swiftly through their ranks. Taking the role of high priestess, she has begun an aggressive approach to ending slavery in Ishar.


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