Skyrp Blauvint


Being the thrall of a Vampire Lord has its benefits: Longevity, for example. Skryp Blauvint has been around for a long time, serving his master Nathilius in relative happiness. That’s not to say it was all smiles and sunshine; in fact there was very little of either, but Nathilius wasn’t excessively abusive towards Skryp. That’s saying something for an ancient evil being with the ability to control minds.

When Nathilius informed Skryp that since he’d been loyally serving him for over a century he would turn him, Skryp was pleased. He would no longer be the servant of death, but a companion in undeath. The ritual of transformation to Vampire Lord required a number of blood sacrifices, the gathering of which attracted the attention of an city officials and eventually an adventuring party. The group navigated the tomb of undead minions and deadly traps, arriving in time to interrupt the ritual. In the final confrontation Skryp was stabbed through the chest with a silver blade and killed, immortality just out of reach.

Skryp awoke in a cell, chained to a bed and heavily bandaged. He’d been imprisoned and sent to the gladiator pits of Ishar, though no one would tell him why or how he came to be so badly injured.

When he was well enough Skryp was sent to the pits to earn his right to live. He channeled his outrage into the untapped powers of the tempest swirling within, charring his enemies with lightning and fire. Skryp did well enough, but made a name for himself while fighting a pair of Orcs. Things took a turn for the worse when one of them stabbed Skryp in the chest, gravely wounding him. Suddenly he struck down one Orc with a deafening thunderclap while he leapt at the other. Fangs sprouted from the end of his beak and he ripped the smelly thing’s neck open and began to drink in its lifeblood. The audience watched in stunned silence, amazed as the Kenku’s wounds closed before their eyes. Since that day, all but a brave or stupid few have kept their distance from Skryp, the blood-thirsty storm crow of Ishar.

Journal Entries

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Skyrp Blauvint

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