Toldstov was born in a small mountain village inhabited by humans and dwarves where both races co-existed in peace. Toldstov, or by his human name Peter, was the youngest of thirteen kids. He was also the runt of the litter. In such a hearty village Peter was picked on a lot as a kid. He was small and dubbed weak by the other human children. Because of this he hung out with the dwarven children a lot. They didn’t judge him, and they enjoyed him as a friend. His best friend was a dwarven child by the name of Vostek. They were inseparable. They were attached at the hip Sso much so that Vostek’s dad called Peter his “Beardless child.” Both of them made a pact to travel the world together. Peter grew up and learned of dwarven traditions and respected them dearly.

One day they were chopping some wood for Vostek’s father when they heard a large bellow. They took their axes and ran down to see Vostek’s dad cornered by four Orcs. The two teenagers jumped into the fray and each took an Orc, while Vostek’s dad finished the other two. It was a fierce battle that ended with all of the Orcs dead. Sadly both sides took loses, as Vostek was lost in the battle. Peter was crushed and was never the same, though he still spent a lot of time with Vostek’s family afterwards.

On Peter’s 18th birthday, Vostek’s dad pulled him aside and handed him a Great Axe; it was supposed to be Vostek’s Axe. He told Peter to keep his promise and travel the world. Peter thought it was the right thing to do, so he gathered up his things and said his goodbyes to his and Vostek’s Family. The two families gave Peter one great gift: Dwarven Scalemail. Finally Vostek’s family gave Peter his greatest gift: a Dwarven name, Toldstov. It was their Great Grandfather’s name. He swore to do the name justice and headed out to see the world.

Toldstov ended up doing odd jobs and here and there. If there was a dwarf in need, he was there. He also traveled with a pack of adventurers to clear out some goblins before he continued on his way.

On his travels he stopped into a little alehouse along the way. It was a packed night. He spotted a group of dwarves with a slick fellow by the name of Linny Frogue. He found out that they were on a tryout to become pirates. They asked him to join. He politely declined. Even though he would love to join this merry band of dwarves, he wasn’t sure how good his “sea legs” were. He drank with them for a bit and departed. As he was leaving the bar the band of dwarves got into a fight. Toldstov turned around and joined his dwarven friends. His timing was so great he actually saved Linny from being stabbed right in the back. Linny said the guy probably would have missed anyway because he’s so good. Still, he appreciated the help and told Toldstov they would keep in touch. He said his final goodbyes to the group and Linny and continued on his journey; until Linny contacted him one day…


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