A Dragonborn Rogue with Pirate Dreams


Vuden stands at 6’3” 230 lbs. His skin or scales are blue with a blue/green underbelly. Is eyes are a completely sky blue, no pupils at all. He usually just walks around in a pair of shorts and that’s it. He likes to absorb the great weather around him.


Born on the coast of Amalla where a small contingent of Dragonborn live. Here SeaDragonborn live. Here in Amalla, each Dragonborn wants to grow up to be a pirate. This society starts with a Legend. The Dragon King. People say he was the first SeaDragonborn ever. Legends say he willed himself to the look of the SeaDragonborn because he wanted a whole race based upon his vision. He wanted a crew in his vision. Then he found Amalla and a few wenches and he went from there. Everyone who is born there is raised to be a pirate, even the women. How the whole society works is women can go travel or stay at home. The ones who stay at home have pirate suitors and whomever gives her more money, or the promise of more money to bear their children. Mother takes care of the child while the father sends a set amount of “booty” to her. She trains the child in the ways of the pirate as early as the child can walk. Once the kid hits 12, the father shows and gives him brief lessons as well. Once the child is 16 they choose what they want to do. Most children join up a crew, but there are a few they don’t follow the ways and don’t come back. The cycle continues you like that. When a child leaves at 16 he/she gets a new name. Basically because if any one finds out his true name, they can be traced back to Amalla and his/her family can be captured/killed. In essence once they step off Amalla they become a brand new person.
On Amalla they basically track everyone. Once a Dragonborn sees another has been slain he sends a letter home with the name of the pirate and death. The residents of Amalla like to track their lineage, so that’s why they keep in track of everyone.
Vuden was born Kresh, Son of Nula. He is part of the 6th generation of SeaDragonborn pirates. Usually when anyone leaves, they pretty much know what kind of pirate they want to be, they have aspirations and goals. Sadly Vuden does not. He stepped out and basically just wants to travel the world. His view he goes where the wind takes him and Sea will mold him into man she wants him to be.


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