Sea of Madness

Vistin's Journal

Since I last wrote, reader, we have done battle with a number of spectral creatures, two medusas, two flying monstrosities of some sort, and a floor. I should not need to mention that we are still in the feywild.

We may be one step closer to finding Suldren, having made a bargain with a disgruntled hag. She is a creature of the feywild, however, so I am not entirely convinced that making any bargain with her was a good idea. A beholder tried to fool us into helping him instead, so there were worse options on the table, but it’s possible there were better ones as well. Unfortunately, we are pressed for time, as none of us wish to be here when the mother of all witches returns to her hut to find it ransacked by adventurers, so some normally inadvisable courses of action may now be necessary.



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