Sea of Madness

Vistin's Journal

Well, reader, now no one can say I haven’t been frozen for several months in magical fey ice. It seems the feywild is truly a bottomless well of disappointment and inconvenience for me.

“What has happened lately?” you might be asking yourself. I will tell you, dear reader: The feywild has been happening. Just as it looked like we would get our ship repaired sometime before the shorter-lived members of the crew grew old and died, we ended up in a fight with our old nemesis, Synelle. The fight did not go well for him, but since we ended up spending several months frozen in magical fey ice, I can’t exactly say it went well for us, either.

We’re thawed out now, thanks probably to Nod, although to be honest I wasn’t really paying much attention to the people talking to me when I was first released from my icy prison, as I was distracted by having spent several months frozen in magical fey ice. There were some explanations and I think Nod might be some sort of king now, but fey business is always so hard to follow and never as rewarding as it is complicated.

There were only two problems facing us when we were released: Suldren had been turned into a Goliath, and our ship seems to have quit the feywild. The first was easily sorted: The Goliath was just some other prisoner, thawed in Suldren’s place. Apparently the poor fellow was frozen in a past age and forgotten about, but he’s sturdy and strong, so he’s a welcome addition to the crew for the moment. It’s not entirely clear why he’s helping us, but I suppose he doesn’t have anything else to do, and we are the living souls he’s known longest at this point, so perhaps it’s as simple as that. It’s always good to have one of his kind fighting at your side; foes tend to single them out as the largest threat in a fight.

Suldren, on the other hand, was taken to the realm of the mother of all witches, of whom I estimate, based on the size of her realm, there are at most six. You could walk around her entire realm inside of a day, reader. Her house, now: Her house is enormous. It’s not much to look at from the outside, but it’s much larger within. We’ve only met a talking cat and been attacked by the shadows of some sculpture so far, but this being a realm of the feywild, I’m sure something truly peculiar will happen to us sooner or later.

Reaching this realm cost us a favor from an Eladrin lady, which I’m sure will be extremely disruptive and costly, but we can worry about that when the time comes. Until then, her counsel was sound, and we will hopefully be able to share the good news that we are indebted to a fey with our dear captain very soon.

The loss of our ship has also meant the loss of those powers we were granted by our bond to it. Hopefully we will find some way to repair our connection to it, ideally by dispatching the wretches that stole her from us. For now, we muddle through as best we can.

It appears that my companions are nearly recovered from our battle with the sculpture-shadows, so I will put away my pen for now. As I close, I would like to note that I believe Nod should take greater care in his appearance. He has been looking rather haggard since we were thawed and it does not suit him. Perhaps I will give him some advice the next time we have a moment to talk.



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