Sea of Madness

Vistin's Journal


Trolls! Trolls, gentle reader. I have outwitted and evaded the finest mercenaries across the Shadowfell and Ishar, slain dukes and kings, done battle with great wizards, and killed dragons, and now here I am, trapped in the Feywild, killing trolls in a swamp.

The course of our adventure led us to the seat of the local troll king, an insipid, wretched little creature with a great apparent love of fortifications but little love for engineering or architecture. Also, he has very sharp ears. Our task was to rescue an Eladrin lass from him, but of course we never saw the girl. We negotiated with him briefly, agreeing to kill his brother for him as a sign of good faith. By a strange coincidence, another potential course of action set before us was to learn this small troll’s weakness from his brother, thereby unseating him from his throne. In a rare and welcome display of cruel cunning, the party has opted to simply do both.

After locating the brother of the current troll king, who happens to also be the deposed, former troll king, we plied him with promises of aid and learned that his brother’s secret weakness is the same as any king’s: If we can turn his people against him, he will be powerless. Since this is the Feywild, I presume this will manifest in some more or less literal way, but it was certainly worth asking in case it had turned out to be moonwort picked on a certain day or some similar nonsense.

Learning this, we provoked him a bit, but received only thrown boulders for our trouble. After retreating to a safe distance in a failed attempt to draw him out, we decided to approach his bridge (did I mention he was a bridge troll, reader? Yes, he was a bridge troll. These things happen in the Feywild, you must understand) from above, rather than beneath. I shadowed Nod as he approached from the top, which proved fortuitous as the troll noticed him and swung up to attack him. The wizard and I gave him far more trouble than he expected, and the rest of the party soon arrived to help finish the job, so now we have his (giant, incredibly heavy, petrified) head, as well as the secret he was guarding.

We have also met some celestial Eladrin, one tribe echoing the sun and one the moon. They were a welcome surprise! The sun Eladrin are a brave and proud race, unashamed of bold deeds and welcoming of challenges. The moon Eladrin are quiet and reserved, but seem cunning and merciless. Light seems to increase or decrease around them, but whether it is being bent to their will or whether it is the land reacting to their presence, or if there is some even stranger explanation, I have no idea. I enjoyed meeting them both. It is good to know there are still some pleasant surprises left in the world.

Each challenge we face seems to split off into more and more obstacles and our tasks multiply before us. I fear it may be some time before we escape this plane, but at least we have found some tolerable people here.



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