Sea of Madness

Unsavory business

We entered a tower in the Shadowfell and battled it’s inhabitants as we made our way upward. We reached a room where I heard something speaking in Draconic and it asked a question as to who would be able to stop it’s master. I answered by saying “The Platinum One has sent us.”

When I saw the skeleton of a large dragon round the corner to speak to us, I expected a fight. Thankfully it was more interested in conversation than combat. Vistin and I catered to the monster’s ego enough that it was willing to accept our help in freeing him. We had to destroy its master and return its phylactery and in return he would spare the life of his elven captive and leave the tower without harassing us. As much as it burned me to make a deal with such a monster, I had to think of what was best for my men.

The fight with the dragon’s master was brutal indeed, I narrowly avoided an attack that I was certain would have been the end of me. After what seemed like hours, we had defeated all of our enemies. We were all exhausted and I silently congratulated myself for my tact earlier knowing that we all might not have survived this fight if we fought the dracolich beforehand.

I take additional solace in the fact that he lives in the shadowfell. Someday he may journey into our realm and start causing trouble. If that happens I have faith the Platinum One will make sure our paths cross again, and the next time we meet there will be no need for conversation.



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