Sea of Madness

The Tales and Caperings of Erondor Quinn - Chapter Two

We traveled from our new-found sanctuary across the city in search of a halfling named Berino, whom we were to kidnap. We were interrupted in our endeavor by an attack from the undead! We handily dispatched them, and were quite confused as to why they would be in the city.

Free of that nasty distraction, we were able to again focus our attention on our goal. We were after this halfling because he is a slaver. Passing as slavers ourselves, Skyrp and I convinced one of the halfling’s goons to lead us to him. It’s always about who you know.

We then met with a bugbear who seemed to be high in Berino’s esteem. It took a good deal of well-spun lies and fake sincerity, but we were able to convince him to let us meet with his master.

It did not take me long to realize that Berino was completely mad. I was able to easily fake a rapport with him. You get quite good at that sort of thing when you spend your youth pretending to get along with drunk louts in bars just so you’ll get an extra silver for bringing them their drink. In the end we were able to get an advance from him for the delivery of a ship full of slaves that we claimed we had. He also spoke of other things that were quite disturbing.

He mentioned The Red Hand. From what little I know, a group dedicated to dragon worship. It seems Berino wants to become a dragon and The Red Hand promised him the opportunity should he fulfill whatever role they need him for. I wanted to stay and learn more of what he was trying to do, but Skyrp was quite uncomfortable. I must say, I think Skyrp was quite unnerved by the little halfling. It was a side of Skyrp I did not think existed. We left at Skyrp’s insistence.

We returned to Berino’s well guarded, and quite large, warehouse when night had fallen. After being ambushed by spirits in the water, we climbed to the roof where we took down the guards and entered the building. We were greeted by perhaps the most horrific sight we had seen, and that’s saying a lot from former pit gladiators. Berino’s white dragon was in a rage and was ready to chomp us to bits. We decided it was in our best interest to avoid that outcome, and so, the beast is dead.

Finally we located Berino, he was with members of The Red Hand of course. They had some traits and abilities from their dragon patrons that made them quite a nuisance. After a pitched battle we beat Berino into submission. We then delivered his bruised and battered form to Rowena.

Now as a slave I have endured what I would call torture, but I can tell you now. Rowena has endured horrific torture. That experience has given her a keen insight into torture and how it can be most effectively applied. Berino, the mad little fool of a halfling, was tortured in ways I dare not imagine. Maybe I should, but I feel no pity for a slaver. Not after what I have been through these past several years.

As we rest here in Rowena’s, I have been struck with an idea. I think I will have to take a brief respite from working with my comrades in order to learn more of the city, and perhaps give us an extra means to look for sanctuary should Rowena’s temple no longer be viable.



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