Sea of Madness

The Tales and Caperings of Erondor Quinn - Chapter Three

I have decided that I should leave the rest of the group briefly to visit all the taverns and bars in the various areas of the city where the poor and lower class live and work. After suitably disguising myself, I will spend some time in each tavern talking with people and learning of the world I have suddenly been let loose upon. Then, right before leaving, I will take to the stage and perform a poem I have composed that glorifies our group, especially Ithyk. If the poor and lower class people of the city view us as folk heroes of a sort, then I am hoping that should we need to hide from whatever trouble we get ourselves into, then these people will help us.

Now, in order to avoid any entanglements that might ensue when I tell the tale of our dramatic escape. I am changing my disguise between each bar and then leaving immediately after performing. Let’s hope that this book has a fourth chapter.



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