Sea of Madness

The Journey Home: My Adventures in the Feywild - Chapter Three

So, as predicted, we survived the plunge into the city. Sorry to have spoiled the surprise for you.

The plunge was not without its peril, though. Not everyone in the group landed gracefully, even with the magic boots we all were wearing. I had to jump into a pond to rescue Garreth, whose armor made swimming about as easy as picking a lock with a carrot. But, after Buckle and I went off to liberate some dry clothes from the wardrobes in a nearby home, we were all set to find a place to settle down for the night.

The inn was our only option, unfortunately, as maintaining a low profile was one of my chief concerns. I made it a point to make sure we try to find an empty home to squat in later.

The next day we began trying to gather information. While in a bar, I was able to sweet talk some lout into giving me an idea of what to look out for in town, and who might be able to provide us with information on the location of the ones we need to rescue. Despite the others doing a poor job of acting inconspicuously, we managed to get the name of an eladrin who runs a bookstore in the city.

Outside the store of the aptly named Book, was a beautiful Summer Court eladrin. She is some kind of traveling bard. Abandoning the circus performer cover story, I told her that I was a rich youth from the south, traveling the world and writing stories of my adventures. I was able to convince her, and she led me in to the shop to meet Book.

Book was somewhat curt at first, but as we spoke more I began to learn a lot about the city. With a little gold I was able to learn that Baba Yaga has somehow entered the city, with her whole house! Not only did her house just show up in the city one day, but no one has dared tried to evict her. I also learned that the Prince of Frost does not reside in the city, but the large tower is the seat for the local patron. I also learned about the prisons in the city, and was able to at least narrow down a bit which ones may contain those we search for. While Book was a bit suspicious of my cover story, it was easy enough to convince him that I was harmless to him at least.

Our information gathering also turned up another name. The name was Rot, and the place was a rather decrepit-looking house in the more run-down part of the city. When Rot came to the door he was not very welcoming. We were able to convince him to allow two of the group inside to talk. Merrill and Onion called “dibs” and then ran inside snickering. I think it may be a satyr thing I missed out on growing up a slave. I was able to slip Buckle into Merrill’s pack before they went in at least, giving them better odds if Rot crossed us.

Rot wanted us to prove ourselves before he would agree to help us. We were to kill an eladrin member of the guard. She was not just a random target, Rot specifically wanted her dead. He holds a grudge with the powers that be in the city after his family was disgraced for a difference in ideologies. Needless to say, we killed the member of the guard, and all those that were with her.

Now, earlier in the day Garreth made me aware that he has an additional mission besides saving the prisoners. He is to kill the patron and his attendant. I made the others aware of Garreth’s mission and we all agreed to assist him. Considering Rot’s anger with the ruling powers here, I decided to tell him our plans when we went back to him to report our mission a success. We definitely have a new ally here now! Rot is going to lend us whatever aid he can, after he has a couple of days to plan.

With the next couple of days free, I plan on using the time to try and find us a place to stay besides the inn. We need a home we can hide out in to avoid suspicion. I also plan on (with a great deal of subtlety) trying to find any others who may be unhappy with the current government. It may be worth trying to find others that would aid us in our cause, so long as we can do it without stirring up more trouble. I find alcohol is a great help in these matters. More to come… I hope!



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