Sea of Madness

The Journey Home: My Adventures in the Feywild - Chapter Four

Faithful reader, much has happened in the past few days…

We were able to secure a place to lay low. It is a mill or factory building of some kind that is not in use by anyone, except us now.

We were attacked by a gnome, and his minions, while we were walking through the streets. The gnome was seeking revenge for the eladrin that we killed. The little bastard took off pretty quick when it became apparent that fighting us was a big mistake. He left his minions though, and they lasted all of twenty or thirty seconds before falling before us. I swear, I thought I was violent, but Buckle tore right through one of the poor monster’s most tender of body parts. I fought in the pits of the arena, and I had never seen anything like that.

We ran from the scene of the battle and tried to stay out of the way for a little while. Buckle confided in me that he was on the hunt for circles, magic circles. I think he’s been asked to find teleportation circles. I told him I would help, but for now we’re keeping his mission between us. He doesn’t want the others to know. I was hoping the office of the city planner may have something. I took Buckle along and we broke in at night and stole some maps. I think we may have something we can use to help him.

Later we spoke with Rot and he advised us that while trying to determine the location of our quarry, he had eliminated all the prisons in the town, except for one. He had no way of knowing if they were in this last of the city’s prisons. So we came up with our own plan…

Pooling our resources, we were able to make sure Buckle would be able to remain invisible for several minutes. That, along with his ability to pass through objects and walls, meant that he would be going into the prison, alone, to scout it out. It felt a lot longer than a few minutes. I was actually worried about him. It has been quite some time since I was this concerned about anyone besides myself… the last time it was also a pixie. I hope this friendship lasts longer than the last one did.

Anyway, our intended targets were not in the prison, which only left the tower. Getting into the tower would prove difficult, as you need to be invited in. Rot told us of the Eldritch Games, and the fact that the winners would be invited into the tower. It was our only chance.

Before we could participate in the games, though, our friend the gnome returned. This time he brought different friends… much more aggravating friends if you ask me. The street turned to water and in the chaos of the battle, Merrill and I were shoved into sacks by these full-sized doll-like creations that were fighting for the gnome. I blacked out at some point from lack of air and being struck against something solid.

I awoke to Buckle and the others pulling me out of the bag, and Buckle giving me a magic ring that belonged to the gnome. He’s such a sweet murderous pixie monster. The gnome wasn’t really able to give them anything worthwhile in our hunt for Nod and Cassius.

At last, we competed in Eldritch Ball! Despite Merrill taking a bad fall during the game, we won! Little Buckle shrunk down the ball at one point, we were all flying about all over the enclosed arena. It was madness! I never thought I would long for the straight-forwardness of the gladiator pits! Our success has gained us the invitation we needed to get into the tower.

Too bad there’s more to the tower than that.

We also know now that navigating within the castle is supposedly impossible, or at least very, very difficult, without an enchanted key. Things in the Feywild are never easy. I tried unsuccessfully to gain some information about how to obtain a key from a barfly I had befriended days before. Whether or not he knew anything, I’ll never know, but one thing is for sure, I can’t go back to him for any information ever again.

Garreth got into a scuffle, as always, but luckily Book was able to warn me and the rest of the group must have heard the commotion, because we all came pouring into the area where Garreth was doing what to him must be considered “questioning”. By the time we reached him, it was too late. He was surrounded and was being beaten to a pulp. We were able to eliminate his assailants, but alas, he fell. Thankfully Book is a practiced ritual caster. He accepted a gem that Buckle had torn from the head of the giant stag we fought in the forest and in return he used a ritual to bring Garreth back to life.

Let’s hope he is a little smarter about when he picks fights in the future.

I don’t actually believe he will be.

We were getting no where on the key front, and so Book suggested using a ritual that would home in on Nod. All we needed was something of his and then we would be able to use the ritual to track him, and not lose our way in the temple. Then we could get back out again using the ritual on something of Book’s.

So here we go, dear reader. We venture into the temple guarded by something so big I can’t look at all of it at once. This is what we have been working towards since we left that barrow so many days ago. I sure hope we find what we’re looking for.



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