Sea of Madness

The Journey Home: My Adventures in the Feywild Chapter Five

We have made it into the tower. We are using the power of the ritual to locate Nod. The first room we encountered that proved to be exciting was filled with sentient statues. They demanded to know why we were there, and would not let us pass.

Boy, could those statues scream. I was glad we smashed them to bits just to shut them up. The room they were in was certainly tailored to make fighting them difficult; we had to navigate short walls that created paths over ice. Luckily I’m skilled at balancing myself, if nothing else, so I was able to avoid the ice.

After we returned the statues to a lifeless state, we came across a large open room. An Eladrin appeared briefly to make it clear that we were no longer going to be underestimated. He then disappeared while leaving us to fight a massive construct. I ran at it and gave it everything I had in what was my best estimation as to a weak point in the armor. I succeeded in giving myself a rather painful tingling sensation in my arm, but nothing else.

Merrill was able to identify the construct, and what little he was able to shout at us over the chaos of the battle was not good. The construct was powered by thousands of souls… and it has no weaknesses. No one, not anyone, ever, has been able to defeat the automaton.

We ran. We ran as fast as we could. Nothing we tried on it had an effect.

We were able to make it to another large open space, but this one had a large ice slide that wound from top to bottom. We started taking the slide down. It was spotted with spiky protrusions dotting the floor and ceiling. After sliding down a bit, hopefully putting a little distance between myself and the construct, I wedged my grappling hook into one of the icy stalagmites. Holding myself in place I tied my net to the rope and began to set up a snare. Garreth caught himself as well and began smashing the ice precisely where my net would be waiting.

Dear reader, I tell you now, I cannot remember the last time I felt such joy and relief as when that mechanized beast was caught in the net, and then crashed through the slide tumbling out of sight below us.

I just hope it does not find us again.

We are now preparing to travel further into the tower, still following the tug of the ritual that is following Nod’s trail. Let’s hope they are all out of invincible war machines… although… looks like we were underestimated again. Ha!



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