Sea of Madness

Walking the great hewn halls of this old, forgotten Drow stronghold, I am filled with awe. With its walls as thick as a man, great blocks of cut stone that fit seamlessly together, and a flawless mixture of hand made interior and natural features, this fortress is a marvel. At times, it reminds me of home. The long passages bring a pang of homesickness to my heart, as there are moments when I expect to pass one of my uncles or cousins.

The alien silence of this place is one of the few aspects which remind me that I am not home. In the halls of my youth, you could hear the thundering crash of the ocean while in the upper levels. The lower levels were always ringing with hammer strikes and clattering with pick axes. Here, the only sound is the soft lapping of an acid pool or the click and whir of a deadly trap.

The warforged that have made this their home must have delighted in adding to the place’s deadly traps. I have never met a Drow, but I doubt that their technical prowess could build such intricate machines dedicated to keeping Dwarves out. Twice I have been set on fire. Once, I believed two of my comrades had died from acid. And yet another time, we were almost sent plummeting into a deadly forest of mushrooms.

While I don’t know that it was deadly, I feel that the assumption is a safe one to make.

In this place of deadly shadows, there is still a light. Here, deep below the earth, Moradin’s power has found me. After finding a magical well and drinking from it, Moradin blessed me with the fire of his forge! The light of His fire burns within me, illuminating the darkness. With each step I take, I feel that I am coming closer and closer to Moradin. Through the months of adventure, I have gained more and more favor of my God. I truly am walking my path.

By accepting my weakness, I have found strength.

I had considered continuing my training as a fighter. My position as a defender of my comrades could easily be fulfilled if I studied the techniques of the Dwarven Defenders. I remember the stories of the great warriors that could hold a mountain pass against an army singlehandedly. However, this is not to be my way. I intend to continue devoting much of my time to prayer. Perhaps, if I continue on this road, Moradin will continue to bestow His blessings on me.



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