Sea of Madness

Suldren's Journal

Entry #20

We made our way onto the merchant vessel and I could not stop myself from being impressed. Between the size of the ship and it’s layout it was basically like a floating city. After we bought and sold some equipment a few of the other Daggers and myself played an interesting gambling game. We all lost twenty gold and it occurred to me that if money was all I cared about then running that game would be an ideal job. I was intrigued by the various games of chance that were offered and was enjoying trying them all out when something caught my eye outside.

I saw a group of cloaked men carrying another man wrapped in a different cloak with them. After a few seconds I recognized the man being carried was Sam, thankfully the other Daggers all noticed as well. Unfortunately we were all several stories up inside of a packed casino. Through a combination of convincing people there were better times to be had elsewhere or by scaring them out of our way Cassius, Kun-We, and myself dwindled the immediate number of patrons. Vuden decided to take a more direct approach and began swinging from chandelier to chandelier with Nod helping to guide him. Not only did it help him get through the crowd faster but a decent amount of the remaining people stopped and watched in awe, which made it all the easier to run by them. Once down the first flight of stairs we encountered several traps had been laid out to stop us. Cassius, Nod, and Vuden helped us avoid most of the traps. Realizing that we were losing ground Cassius teleported ahead to delay our foes, fearing how he would fare by himself I did the only thing I could to keep up with him. I put my shield in front of me and charged through the window and stuck my sword into the side of the ship to slow my descent. Despite all of our efforts we still arrived at the dock too late to stop their ship from sailing away with Sam.

Luckily a portion of the ship’s crew had showed up too late as well. They were defeated rather easily and we left one alive to question. The strange thing was they didn’t appear as living creatures, more like animated suits of armor. They could bleed however, which we found out when we had to remove his arm because his blade was attached to it. Upon awaking and realizing he was missing an arm he started to scream. Kun-We, never being one to show much restraint, promptly knocked him back out. When he regained consciousness for the second time he referred to himself by a number and had a very strange way of talking. It’s hard to fully explain but all I can say is every question was answered as literally as possible and with amazing amounts of detail. He could not be intimidated to give us the information we needed but was very easily tricked. All we had to do was phrase our questions differently and he answered without any resistance. We learned that he and Sam once belonged to the same community which is where Sam is being returned to. Sam will then have the choice to take back his old place or be killed. This community is led by one being and everyone apparently follows his orders without question. After learning where they were taking Sam and realizing that our captive would never stop following his orders we decided to kill him. Before we could he started a process of killing himself and we threw him overboard before he could finish.

Captain Lee pulled us aside and told us that Sam was a Warforged, and the area he was being taken to was in the underdark. It would be a very dangerous trip and the Captain just wanted to make sure we were all willing to take it. Naturally we all agreed, not only was Sam part of the crew but he had done a lot to help us in the past. We immediately set sail for our destination with hopes of catching up to Sam’s captors. The sailing was not easy and few on the ship received a good night’s sleep but we eventually caught up to them. A battle ensued but due to the speed and maneuverability of their ship we were not able to board them. Talmud and I were loading cannonballs while Kun-We and Vuden were aiming and shooting them. While this was happening Cassius and Nod were using their magic to battle our enemies. I was blinded at one point but refused to let that stop me from loading my cannon. However all of our determination could only make up for our lack of training so much. The battle went on for what felt like forever and at its end we fared little better than a draw.

They have since sailed away and have continued random skirmishes throughout the night. I was barely able to get more than a few minutes sleep and pray my fatigue doesn’t affect my performance in battle. With the other Daggers and the Platinum One by my side I feel no true need to worry however.



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