Sea of Madness

Story of a Dead Man 3

The day I awoke to learn that I was dead, was what I had thought to be the worst moment of my new existence. It would seem however, that there are worse things than death. There is failure.
When I was pulled out of the thrice-damned sea I swore to serve the captain of the Cortadormar. When Captain Lee was slain and Suldren took up the mantle of Captain I promised myself I would not fail him like I did Angus Lee. Well, it would seem now that I failed at that as well.
Allow me to explain. Captain Synelle attacked us and we had almost defeated him. Then some Eladrin that knew Nod appeared, thanked Synelle, and froze all of us. The others say they slept, lucky them. The dead don’t sleep. It felt like an eternity of just staring at hazy blue images that made no real sense. It was such a relief to be freed. That was until we realized that we may have permanently lost the Cortadormar. Also Captain Suldren was taken elsewhere by the queen of all witches. He may not even be alive. So now it seems I have failed both my Captain and ship again.
It’s a cruel world that would send me back just to torture me like this. It’s seem the only thing I can do now is try to help save the Captain. For you Suldren, I pray to whichever twisted god holds sway over my fate, that the hate this world seems to bare for me does not spill over on you…..



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