Sea of Madness

In the Interim...

Then there were four.

You put into port in some small town, still trying to keep a low profile seeing as some fierce bounty hunter was out for your blood. One night you awoke to screams on deck and all ran up to find Nod, Talmud and Linny trying to subdue Vuden. Talmud swept his legs out from under him and punched him with the butt of his mordenkrad. As everyone stood around, trying to figure out what exactly was happening, Nod slipped off with another man in two.
A minute later he came back saying
“There you go, compass delivered. Have a splendid night!”
as he led the man, bag over his head and hands tied in front of him, down the gang plank.
Vuden came to and began to mutter and swear about killing Nod. Suldren, trying to help Vuden up, was instructed to “fuck off” before Vuden went below deck. Nod just shrugged as he said
“The mayor has seen and touched the compass, our part is fulfilled.”
The next day Vuden was gone. A note left on his empty chest said:

If I stay on this ship I’ll tear that fucking faerie apart. I don’t like the man I become when he’s around. Fare well to the other Daggers.

Nod couldn’t help but smirk. Kun-we took a swing at Nod before Suldren and Talmud stepped in and restrained him. Talmud had a sadness in his eyes as he surveyed the group. That night the captain called the now five daggers to dinner, explaining that Talmud had chosen to depart from the crew.

“The seas’ not the life I thought it would be, friends. At first light tomorrow I will begin my journey back to my ancestral homelands. I know Nod has upset many of you, but I ask, as a favor to me, that you continue to look after him in my absence and bear him no ill will. He is a mischievous creature, but he means well and I sense a great source of help and compassion in him, if only you accept him for who he is.
You probably noticed that Nod’s collar is missing. I removed it before our mission, in exchange for entering into a pact with Nod releasing him from his pact with me. I did, however, make him promise, on my life, to take no actions out of sight of one of the Daggers without first telling two of the other daggers about said action.
Now let us eat, drink and enjoy one another’s company as friends for one last night.”

True to his words, by first light Talmud was gone. The Captain sent the crew out to resupply and called the Daggers in to see him. Sam was waiting there when they all arrived.

“Sam’s found an old story that points to another Meloran artifact deep in the deserts of Ishar. We set sail as soon as our stocks are replenished.”
After a long time at sea, Cortadormar finally arrived on the arid continent of Ishar.



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