Sea of Madness

Rock N Roll High School

So this chicken hut is a ridiculous maze. Hopefully we’ll get out of here before the mother of all witches shows up. This place is for real; I was so close to death, i had to back out of the battle. Doesn’t make me look good to the rest of the group, but I do more good alive than dead.
Also, I put something on the line to play some cards against an old man to get information. I was regretting it before we played but thanks to me we won and will get our information. Sadly, I was the only one who won. Everyone one lost something. Suldren lost his hand. I would have hated to see what the old man would have taken from me. I shudder to think. But the very least, we are getting our info and we are getting out of here soon…hopefully. We need to rest. The very least i would need to rest. I’ve been back for less than a day, and I’ve almost died a few times and could have lost a limb or body part. Totally gets the blood pumping doesn’t it?



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