Sea of Madness

Our heroes arrive

Seizing control of Baba Yaga’s hut, Nod speaks aloud a single word:
With that everyone experiences a lurch in their stomach as The Hut leaps through the planes and sets itself down out Winterhaven. Looking out the “window”, everyone can see the sparkling waters of Glimmerblue and the sleek form of the Cortadormar gently rocking in the lakes’ calm waters.A door opens where there was no door, just as Nod thinksĀ to himself “We need a door.”
Stepping out of the hut, a warm Summer breeze brings the smells of woodsmoke and curing meat from the town. Walking towards it, a fump is heard behind as The Hut leaps into the sky and disappears. Heads turn as you walk down Main Street and whispers of “The heroes of Winterhaven!” can be heard from many lips. As you approach Lord Winthrope’s home he emerges, smiling warmly.
“My friends, I was hoping we would see you soon! Your ship arrived of it’s own accord a fortnight ago. A few of the bravest men searched it, worried that you were injured below deck, but they disappeared and no further attempts have been made to board.”



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