Sea of Madness

Book of Nod

Page Thirty-Six

Oh, The Hunt. The Hunt, The Hunt, The Hunt. I think any other time I would have enjoyed it more. I think without my present company I would have enjoyed it more. I think that we, ourselves, are becoming more and more distracted by this island. I ponder at the idea of island itself being alive and trying to will us to stay by keeping us distracted long enough that we forget our goals. If we forget out goals, we become no better than the Satyrs of the woods, lost in a dizzying spell of action and reaction with no regard for the future.
While The Hunt itself threw us back only a day or so, I must admit, it was exhilerating. I do, also, consider us very lucky, we were on the outskirts of The Hunt itself, it was the youthful rabble that chased us. If we had come across the seasoned members, our throats would be removed by uncaring maws.
Not that anyone appreciates my contributions to our escape. For Feywild’s sake, we shouldn’t have even had to escape. Drown perhaps doesn’t realize you shouldn’t continue to ask questions when one is remaining hidden, perhaps this is a virtue lost on him. And yes, Drown, you dolt, there are reasons I didn’t tell you what we were hiding from. If your fight or flight instinct kicks in, and it’ s not the same as everyone else’ s, well, that could lead disaster for the party when The Hunt comes calling. Better to try to avoid it all together, especially when we have better things to be doing.
I’ve also noticed when Suldren is incapable of doing anything on his own he tends to bark at others to do their jobs better. Because he must imagine that’s superb for morale. I think my venom towards Suldren is growing, his stubborness wearies me and his desire to lash out needlessly leaves much to be desired in a captain.
I feel underwhelmed.



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