Sea of Madness

Book of Nod, Page Twenty-Eight

The events of today are still darkened by the loss of our comrade. More still, by being bested by Synelle. He too has come to claim the Meloran artifact, and while it does please me to have an Eladrin rival, I do not care to lost by doing all the dirty work for him. We shall claim it from him. At least I imagine so.

We have come across an innocuous fellow, who was being held prisoner by the Jinah. While he seems amiable he seems to have delved into shadow magic. Those people who have the gift of shadow magic are those who know the true cost of power. They have damaged their very soul, perhaps even poisoned it. However, this power is not inherently evil, it depends on the person wielding it. I have no qualms with aiding him, however, should he wish to say, this might be problematic. I debate whether to inform Suldren or not. I’d hate to cause unnecessary trouble for him, especially since I can’t see him wanting to go anywhere but his own way. I don’t see any of the values in him thus far that Suldren finds so precious. I shall keep an eye…



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