Sea of Madness

Book of Nod

Page Twenty-Two

I do have some growing concern as we continue to assail this fortress. First and foremost, it being a fortress to begin with. Second, that we are underground where the Drow live. Granted, this place is supposedly abandoned of drow, but still, unsettling. Thirdly, that I will begin to be targeted, I imagine. As the person to cast light in a place of darkness, well, I can’t imagine it turning out well.

I have to say, those machines are relatively ingenious. These constructs have been given such clever tactical instructions the mind behind these beings must be machinal as well. I am certainly interested in meeting this man behind the curtain, perhaps after retreiving our comrade we can come to some sort of accord with him. I can’t imagine him being terribly happy with us, certainly, but I find these metallic creatures mystifying and can’t help but desire more knowledge about them.

Additionally, Kun-We’s smell had a weird tang to it today. Vulgar.



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