Sea of Madness

Book of Nod

Page Eighteen

Dragons are difficult.

Bargaining with selfish breeds are rather appalling actually. Considering I think we take care of ourselves rather well to begin with, bartering with a greedy dragon for assistance seemed a waste of our time. Granted, I imagine it must be my recent exposure to egotism that makes me think a dragon’s aid paltry, but yet I attempted regardless as The Daggers seemed to be in accordance with gaining an ally. So I had attempted, perhaps half heartedly, and my contempt for the creature shined through.

Well, we’re all aware of how that went.

And when I had written that I had needed someone to keep me in line, I didn’t suspect it would be Suldren, of all creatures. His humiliating me seemed to garner the favor of the dragon, at least temporarily. Perhaps I needed some humility. Lessons are always learned, well, ideally always. So, perhaps I should leave most of the diplomacy to the others while I remain in this state.

So then I must inform you of how glorious it felt when we went back to retrieve our goods and some of our pride from the Nayliprox. I stripped him of his beloved darkness, then secondly, his agility. It felt good as I watched the daggers subdue this bloated parasite as he was reduced to nothing. While we can’t make soup out of him, perhaps I could boil a few uses out of his hide anyway.

And I have a new wand out of the deal. Fancy that.

However, we had finished up only one task and then we had went off to face a nemesis dinner. Two absurdly tough cave bears had given us a fine challenge and I must say, the most alarming thing was actually seeing one of those mammoth creatures roaring up in the air waiting only to plummet.

It was a sight, to say the least.

The men of the boat will surely be more than happy to see some food but it isn’t their canorous thanks that excites me. I think of the undead shape that met us outside the collapsing haven with his foreboding message. It reminds me of my new upcoming project. Ah, to have new toys.



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