Sea of Madness

Book of Nod, Page Eleven

I am at ease now.

Surprisingly, no one had interest in becoming oathcircle brethren, save one. It appears that the only attempt Suldren made to ally everyone was to appease me. That was not what I wanted. What I had required was a bond to them all. It was more for their safety than anything else. I could feel my very nature pull at me, and there is only one remedy I know of for that. To fight it with my own nature.

Oaths are the other side of the coin with the fae. They allow us to fulfill our needs without resorting to capricious ways. I find a healthy dose of both is always the best remedy, however, I feel right now things will need to be a bit more chaotic before they get stable.

It appears that Maddox had better contacts than I had imagined. Being a Governor allows one to do that sort of thing. I couldn’t help but notice in the conversation he was having with Suldren he seemed… sinister? Calling the guard was something that I could not have foreseen. Regardless, it seems things are in motion and will hopefully come to a level conclusion.

Currently, I am tied to the dwarf Talmud. I had noticed amidst the group squabbling he was the only one who hadn’t quite said anything. I seized what advantage I could from that and we each swore an oath to each other. He is now a brother to me, and I would sooner see myself killed than see him harmed in any way. I was surprised at his imagination during my demonstration. Suldren balked at it and said it didn’t matter. Obviously, he had no interest in what I had to say. Talmud displayed both wisdom and a sense of brotherhood in his answer. I was actually sad to disappoint him.

And, while young Wolfslayer had remained aloof from the original conflict, he certainly had his fair share to say against me. I must say I have never felt quite so alienated. Apparently, my “alien” thought processes are too much for this world. I find the word insulting, an unnecessary jibe at cultural differences. He may as well called me a demon for what it was worth. For a creature whose basis of power is pacts with the fae, I cannot understand him this time. Perhaps it is he who is playing a joke on me…



Just a note – I edited out a spacing error that placed the last paragraph in some kind of special box (like a php “code” tag) that just stretched off to the right, forever, so do not be alarmed when you see that I was mucking around with this entry. It was driving me crazy so I had to fix it is all.

Book of Nod, Page Eleven

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