Sea of Madness

Book of Nod

Page Thirty-Two

As I return my Eladrin ward back to her family there are two things that are on my mind, both disparate ideas. One, I think Cassius is a nicer fellow than I’d given him credit for. As we were rescuing the maiden he seemed to take a particular interest in her care and well being. I can’t say for certain whether or not it was his hormones were getting the best for him, but his consideration was genuine and for that I give him his due.

Have I mentioned we’ve gone back to killing the Troll King?

The second is my thoughts drifting back to Kun-We. What precisely has happened to his body concerns me a great deal. The first circumstance is that somehow the body was stolen, by Sinel, or one of his crew in which case I am to understand that he’s going to be pumping the body for information by means via a ritual. Alternatively, it could be used as a weapon against us, and quite frankly, I do not wish to see a large Bugbear hurtling towards us, most specifically Kun-We. While we hadn’t exactly departed on the best terms, I feel that after death, those terms could be largely skewed and rather unfavorable towards me.

I also have not forgotten about his sudden and rather unlikely resurrection months back. It disturbed me then, and it’s disturbance has not left me since. Perhaps I’m the only one sensitive to these things. Funny, actually, how I’m not bothered by Drown.

I think we should pick up a bride for Cassius while we’re here. I think some stability would do him some good—-



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