Sea of Madness

Like a Rolling Stone...

Everyone i know is dead and I’m truly alone in this world.
Two statements I thought I would never say, have come true. It really hurts. Family, friends, and my fellow crew are all gone. I had to keep it all in. We pirates don’t show our emotions. We bottle it up deep and let it out when we fight. And when I find anyone who was involved in my imprisonment, they will feel my wrath. They’ll be a bloody pile of meat when I’m done with them.

So I’m alone, and I was tossed in with this random crew. They are missing their Captain and we have to go after big bad witch to get him. They need the help and my schedule has suddenly opened up. So I’m temporarily with their crew or something. Not sure on where I stand with everyone. The first few battles I am definitely not pulling my weight. I must be still a little frozen or the weight of what has happened to me is still weighing on my mind. Either or. Anyway, I have to prove my worth and not turn into a liability. I gotta be the me that I was 1000 years ago. Wow, that was really tough to write down.

When I said random crew. I was not lying. I have a weird cast of characters. There’s Ishohotep or whatever his name is. Apparently, he is this desert guy who is now a pirate. Weird. Then there are two dead people in the crew. Walking dead people. We have an Eladrin who’s sister ruled the palace I was in. And there is one human. I’m waiting to see what’s wrong with him. Not sure if there is anyone here I can connect with. Well time will tell.

I’m thinking, should I continue with my old life? Or start anew? Why was I the only one left. So many questions and no answers. I am scatter brained. The only thing i know is if the cat can leave the hut, I would like it as a pet. Put it on my shoulder.



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